Filling Out the Class - Weekend Edition

Submitted by alum96 on January 24th, 2016 at 5:26 PM

Trying to sleuth out the class, more for "how many spots can we take" - max 30.



  • We have 22 commits
  • 3 gone so back to 19 - Elliott, Johnson, Weaver
  • 2 added by 8 pm , back to 21- Uche, Mmmbop
  • Silently (?) - Stewart, McDoom
  • Added in my heart - Gary
  • Warm feelings - Allen, Hudson
  • Once academics clear = offer = Sam gut = sad Frankin - Dwumfour

Take you back up to 27.  DiscussMan from there on spots 28-30.  If you get both kids out of Cali (no speculation that is happening) you basically have 1 slot it seems.  If not, then 3 max?

Discussion points

  • Will Dytarious Johnson remain in class - filling a swim lane? 
  • WD says Hill gone due to Scout premium, no King player ever again to UM in our life until coaches gone.
  • Onwenu flip chances small
  • Fuller seems OSUish
  • Murphy - very quiet
  • Do we get either of the 2 Cali kids currently on campus?  Both?  If Asiasi do they take both Allen and he (I assume yes)
  • Pie - still out there; always out there
  • Nordin - Baxter or us?
  • Viramontes - final 3 Cal, Utah, UM
  • EJ Price and Isaiah Simmons at this point not visiting UM, unlikely end points.
  • (EDIT) J. Jones - all the ballz to ND of late
  Rashad Weaver Temple
  Nate Johnson Notre Dame
  Jordan Elliott Texas
20 Elysee Mbem-Bosse 8 pm
21 Joshua Uche 8 pm
22 Eddie McDoom Soon
23 Donald Stewart Soon
24 Chase Allen Warm
25 Khaleke Hudson Warm
26 Rashan Gary Shhhh
27 Michael Dwumfour Sam gut



kevin holt

January 24th, 2016 at 6:34 PM ^

I've also suggested that commenting on grayshirts/decommits is a bad look, but not sure if alum ever saw that. I feel like there's a reason the writers don't comment on things like that beforehand. When there's no evidence to back up the speculation, is it worth taking a guess? There's a possibility it gets back to recruits and it might be a better idea to just say "1-2 grayshirts/decommits likely, no word on who" etc


January 24th, 2016 at 8:14 PM ^

MMMMbop is as mean spritied as every cultural reference Berman has thrown on players for a few decades.  It's a playful term.

As for WD honestly I think I've been largely supportive of him writing multiple times when people ask him about his personal life, dating, etc that why do you care etc.

Mr Yost and I talk every football Saturday for hours on end in non UM game threads - I teased him today, he got a bit peevy.  I'll get a bit peevy at him in a few months on something.  Life will go on. 

I'm sorry I peed in your Cheerios today (ok not really) oops that was snark.

LSA Superstar

January 24th, 2016 at 5:29 PM ^

It really, really seems like Connor Murphy will be blue if the staff thinks he's a take.  To be honest, it's seemed that way since the beginning of his recruitment.

I don't have the same skepticism about Lavert Hill.  I genuinely think it's about a 50/50 shot, but I don't think it's as bleak as people are saying.  As for DPJ, he's a Cass Tech kid, not a King kid.  DPJ is a must get recruit and is neither a shoo-in nor a goner.


January 24th, 2016 at 6:12 PM ^

Not saying I agree that this describes Michigan, but if you thought a school viewed your kids as disposable or that they're dishonest--something along those lines--then you steer your kids from that school/staff. 

Not sure if any of this actually applies to Norfleet, but this is one excellent lesson for the repercussions of cutthroat recruiting practices. 

The Truth Hurts

January 24th, 2016 at 8:34 PM ^

King coaches are upset that Harbaugh didn't visit their  school last year when he was hired but he went to Cass. They are also mad that Mich is breaking their necks recruiting the Jersey boys but couldn't give the Big three kids at King their undivided attention.  Finally, Blackwell is associated with King.

Michology 101

January 24th, 2016 at 5:54 PM ^

We need to stop promoting the notion that no King kid will come to Michigan until their present coaches are gone. I mean did someone from their high school officially make that statement? If the MLK coaches are depriving their players of a chance to attend Michigan, then some parents of those kids should be upset, and possibly some players also.


January 24th, 2016 at 5:33 PM ^

I know he's most likely gone, but it may be premature to say Elliot's gone already.

Also apparently Sam Webb said there are rumors Hill is gonna be/has been on campus today. I haven't seen any confirmation, but if true he's coming straight from his MSU official. 247 also has his reaction to the visit and it's pretty muted.