Fiesta Bowl Open Thread

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I am just going to go ahead and throw this one up here now since it is now 37-35 Wisky in the Rose Bowl and nobody in that game is playing all that hard on defense. I have the audio at least, so I can hear everything that is going on. 

We've got Stanford (11-1) versus Oklahome State (11-1). If there was a game that almost should be the MNC but isn't, this one is probably the one if only because it is NOT a rematch. That would probably be the only reason though. 

In all honesty, I do think Oklahoma State was hosed during bowl selections, but there's nothing to be done about it now - I went OSU (NTOSU) in this one. I like Luck, I think his draft stock is pretty high, but Gundy has a point to prove, and he is over 40 and a man, damnit. 



Ypsi Arbor

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"It’s strength versus weakness on both sides of the ball, but it’s the weakness who is stronger is the team who will prevail."

Thank you, Matt Millen, for constantly reminding the world that you should stay away from the game of football.


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Ok state, the rose bowl, Baylor-wash, and just about every PAC 12 and big 12(9) makes me realize how much I hate what college football is evolving into. I guess I am old fashioned, but I like a game that has balance between offense and defense. That msu-Georgia game was infinitely more enjoyable to me than any 55-52 shootout.


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makes me understand why we're so hard after another elite DB. With today's offenses, you need tough guys who can stay close to receivers and tackle immediately. Teams have always needed this, but the explosion of offensive strategy means more guys "left alone in space" (though I'm beginning to hate that phrase).

Needs Reeves


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Sure are having some extremely competitve BCS games so far. Hopefully that trend ends tomorrow and Michigan is up 35 at the end of the first quarter!


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@mgoblog mgoblog

If you took Blackmon's pants off what's the chance you'll see Chan Gailey's head just hovering there? Like 83%, right?



What's Brian referring to?


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The situation is analogous to when no one could stop the 49ers once Walsh took the West Coast Offense to the NFL. Existing defensive schemes just had no answers. Pretty much all defensive thinking in the last 25 years or so has been optimizing to stop the West Coast or a standard pro set offense (with the clear exceptions of Frank Beamer and Jeff Casteel).

When a really high-functioning innovative offense (OkSt, Oregon, Baylor, 2010 Auburn, even this year's Houston) is clicking, the only way a defense can consistently stop them is if they significantly better athletes than the offense they're facing. That's why OSU (YTOSU), LSU and Auburn exposed Oregon a bit in the past couple of years -- recruiting the best defensive athletes in the country, especially at D line and in the secondary helps tremendously.

But it's also why Cam Newton has had such an unbelievable rookie season. His superior athleticism and mastery of spread option concepts allow him to chew up huge chunks of yards against defenses used to defending Peyton Manning. And when Tebow has been successful, it's because the NFL isn't good at defending the ZRO when run by a player who can actually complete a pass sometimes (as opposed to a Wildcat option).

The wheels are going to turn, and defense will rise back up again in 3-5 years, at which point more offensive innovation will come, too. The NFL had all kinds of silly offensive records this year, not because defenses have gotten worse, but because the offenses have gotten a lot smarter and better. The Packers, the Lions, the Patriots, the Saints, and the Bengals are all in the playoffs this year solely because of their unbelievably good, very hard to defend offenses and in spite of their dreadful defenses. The Ravens, Texans, Niners and Steelers are in because of extremely good defense  and fairly wretched offense. And the Giants and Broncos are in because someone had to go from their awful divisions.

That's just where we are in the cycle. Defense will be back. But 2011 is an offensive year. Making it all the more impressive that Michigan's improved so much.


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I you're mike Gundy- why not surprise onside kick there with 235 left? You know you can't stop them so why not try to keep control of the ball? Mathlete says surprise onside is 65% successful...