Field Goal Franklin whining about satellite camps

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on October 5th, 2016 at 10:47 PM

Found the clown that was roaming the PSU campus the other day!

“I was like, the poster boy for satellite camps (two years ago). I don’t know why, but I was,” he said. “Somebody else has become the poster boy for satellite camps now. That’s fine with me. And it’s gotten out of control, like a lot of things in life and a lot of things in our profession. It’s gotten into extremes again, and I don’t think that’s what anybody wants.”

“I don’t think it should be with third parties, recruiting services or things like that,” he said. “I think it should be on college campuses with college staffs. If you want to go somewhere else and do it, great. But it should be run by colleges. I think we’re asking for trouble with those things.”



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I would think watching the game films a couple hours later on the bus will remind him of whatever he could be writing down. I wonder if he does this to look professional or ontop of things like when he hides what he is saying by covering his mouth to communicate with a coach upstairs or his wife about one of the kids. 

I would think kicking a field goal in fear of being shutout instead of trying to get TDs makes him look desperate enough. If you couldn't kick a field goal when the game was close why kick one when you need TD's. Is 49-10 any more respectful (when you kicked that field goal late) than 49-7 or possibly 49-14. Like the T-shirt says Respect is Earned. Jim Harbaugh with his satellite camps understands that very, very well.


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Yes, IMO, all satelitte camps should be hosted by colleges.  That's hardly a radical or "whining" opinion.  It does help to keep things more above-board.

Some sort of satelitte camp regulations are likely going to be passed in early CY 2017.  Not everyone who agrees with those regulations, including a shorter period, is "whining."

The moniker of "Field Goal Franklin" --- that is good, though.


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Are you really so delusional that you think compassion for the victims of a tragedy that occurred on your campus due to a gross failing to oversee a football program with anything but the interests of a bunch of criminals in mind is a "trump card" to win an argument? You people disgust me and I seriously hope I'm misunderstanding your point here


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Look, I get it --- my school (PSU) isn't necessarily well liked these days.

But does that mean someone gets to say "Shut up PSU fan, you should spend 100% of time your time thinking about the victims and 0% of your time on this particular topic" if I say something here?

Shoot, I wouldn't have even posted on this topic, but Franklin was mentioned.  I don't really like Franklin, but on this particular topic, I simply thought it was unfair to call his stance "whining."


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It's bigger than football, and winning an argument. These are people's lives that were destroyed as a direct result of your heroes shirking their responsibilities as humans. It will never unfair to mention the black mark on your school that would, frankly, make it difficult for me (if I were a Penn State fan) to continue rooting for Penn State for the rest of my life.


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NEVER EVER EVER.  Not in the mid-90s when I started at PSU, and at no point afterwards.

I enjoy watching football and talking about it.  But I don't make heroes out of those folk.  I have perspective.

Your statement about "(my) heroes" is 100% incorrect.  100%.

You have the word "Rational" in your user name.  I don't think we've interacted before, so let me ask you this: how "rational" is it for you to label me as someone who "has Paterno as his hero" given our lack of previous interaction?  You're simply grouping me in with some of the idiots in my fan's school base without giving me any benefit of the doubt.  Is that "rational"?


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You can believe whatever you want I guess. I'm sure for many fans, that is regrettably the case, but it's bigger than football to me. If something to this extent were to happen at Ohio state, I would abandon my fandom immediately and never look back. I'm not naive enough to ignore the unsavory things that go on, but there's a difference between receiving improper benefits and letting something as despicable as this happen


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If something to this extent were to happen at Ohio state, I would abandon my fandom immediately and never look back.


No, you wouldn't. You'd admonish those responsible, call for their heads, be disgusted, consider how you/we the fan may have contributed to the culture. But, ultimately, you'd rationalize what is and is not out of your control. You wouldn't want the students/players/employees who had no part in such a thing to be punished. You wouldn't hope for the destruction of an enterprise that has brought joy, acclaim and charity and fun to millions. You would not abandon your fandom.

And neither would any fan base.

(This is to say nothing of many in the PSU fan base, including administration, that were apologetic and did NOT admonish those responsible and, instead, just days ago played a video tribute to them).


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that every single person involved in that program knew that boys were being raped. By that logic, you would have to assume that dozens of current coaches are pedophile enablers. Just sheer luck that one of them isn't at UM. By the way, Larry Johnson is a beloved coach - As for Schiano, he probably isn't loved so much by his players, but he seems to know what in the fuck he's doing.


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That's how it works.  We people outside Happy Valley (not residing in "Jonestown meets the North American Man Boy Love Association" ), are disgusted by the apologism and and disregard for child rape that has occurred in that community.

Your opinion is not wanted on any topic, not because Sandusky and Joe Pa did their hellish deeds, but because of the reaction of your football fanbase and everything that has followed.

It is impossible to listen to PSU bitch about anything football related these days because the community still doesn't get it.

PSU doesnt deserve to have football...again, not because of a pedophile, but because the community has proven how something like that could happen in the first place by their reaction to the scandal.


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views on actual football topics. But unfortunately, your opinions on right/wrong issues off the field will get met with this level of vitriol. Give it time, but your fanbase as a whole has soured the vast majority of our opinions, especially when the topic of "is this right for the kids" is being discussed.


October 6th, 2016 at 3:39 AM ^

That's not what I'm saying. Obviously you can have an opinion on anything you wish and its the internet so say whatever you want.

My point is, whenever a PSU football fan has a complaint / suggestion / advice on how something in college football should be handled, we all do a double take and say, "really?"

Given the reaction of the fanbase and administration to the Sandusky / Joe Pa scandal, it just feels absurd to have the PSU head football coach commenting on something as benign as satellite camps while the school still can't find consensus on how to properly and respectfully move forward from a horrific scandal, where a main perpetrator is still being worshipped and defended simply because of football wins.

It's just too soon for PSU or its fans to have opinions on the minutaie of arbitrary NCAA policy, such as satellite camps, when the majority of its fanbase is still drinking the kool-aid on Joe Pa.



October 6th, 2016 at 2:11 AM ^

becasue of the actions of a few fucked up men. So, following your logic, I guess the fans who were not even born when the rapes occured are banned from having an opinion of college football too? Bullshit. The man who committed these crimes is in prison for (most likely) the rest of his life. Joe P is fucking dead.... What more do we need to move on?


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we need not celebrate the man, that is the deal. Would you feel good about Germany affixing statues of Hitler all over their fucking country. The man enabled the rape of young men. Think about it. If you son was around PSU during that period, he could have been a victim. I agree one is behind jail and the other dead. Just don't celebrate the enabler. Damn man. Figure it the fuck out. 


October 6th, 2016 at 9:49 AM ^

You can be disgusted by what happened at PSU under JoePa's reign, you can be disgusted by the cover-up and rationalization/apologism, you can be disgusted by the PSU institution and most of the fanbase for continuing to portray JoePa as some sort of hero, completely disregarding his role in ruining young victims' lives.  We're ALL disgusted by these things, trust me.

But to say this to a specific PSU fan, who is simply adding to discourse on an unrelated topic, is unjustified:

Your opinion is not wanted on any topic, not because Sandusky and Joe Pa did their hellish deeds, but because of the reaction of your football fanbase and everything that has followed.

If I recall, NittanyFan has previously and repeatedly stated his position on JoePa, that he doesn't hold JoePa in the same esteem as many other delusional PSU fans.  While a large portion of the fanbase is in denial and tone-deaf, NittanyFan doesn't appear to be one of them.

You simply can't hold one person (a fan, at that) accountable for the actions and attitudes of an entire fanbase, much less JoePa, Sandusky, and the PSU administration.  That's crazy.

I, for one, find NittanyFan's contributions to be reasonable.