Few pics/observations from last nights game

Submitted by wisecrakker on February 4th, 2011 at 10:02 AM

We need some high intensity guys, aside from the obviously bad foul calls in the second half, there was a lot of 3 guys standing around watcing 2 others pick and roll in the last 20 mins. 

OSU extended their defense to limit 3pt attempts.

If we had played half as well as we did in the first half we would be talking about UM upsetting them last night.

On a side note for the basketball junkie who just like to see good play regardless of who they play for, I spent the last 4 years watching Aaron Craft play for my High school.  The kid has a great basketball IQ, never takes a play off on defense, and has a great motor.  I would have loved to see him in Maize and Blue, but became a Buckeye.








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After 4 years at Ohio State, Aaron Craft will be one of the most loved buckeyes of all time in the state of Ohio.
<br>He'll also be the most hated player every where else in the Big Ten.

Braylon 5 Hour…

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Last night is what happens when you don't have enough guys that can create their own shot. Craft was able to bother Morris enough that he couldn't control the game, and we had lots of low shot clocks with Stu Douglass required to create the offense.  With an improving Hardaway, and Brundige and Burke coming in, I've gotta think that creating offense is going to come a little easier in the coming years...right now it's such a struggle though.


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That the team was content to stand around and watch Morris try to create something a la the Manny Harris years. We won our last two games because we shot extremely well behind the arc and got some managable situations in the paint. OSU blew up our offense by getting out on our shooters and beating up our guys when they got in the lane. The nuts had a good game plan and played well but it was our youth and nerves that prevented us from staying with them when things started going south. Some of our guys just looked hesitant to make a play or even take a shot. We look solid and we should be able to beat them twice next year with their entire starting five gone (assuming the logical defections). Brundidge and Burke are the perfect compliments to the players we already have and if they can come in and contribute early we should be a very good team next year.


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It drives me crazy watching Jordan Morgan. He has great feet and touch for a big man, but he only scores on junk put-backs and pick-and-rolls. Never have I seen him even make a half-hearted attempt at posting somebody up. I realize he is lanky and gets pushed around by guys like Sullinger, but I gotta think his game could be significantly elevated if he could post up and some of the perimeter guys looked to get it in to him down low.

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Looks like your seats were about as good as mine. Decent game, the place was pretty quiet at the half. Them folks never get tired of their "don't give a damn" song and the "just like football" chant. Very endearing...