A few minor recruiting notes (updated)

Submitted by Gobluegr on December 1st, 2011 at 5:13 PM
Michigan just offered 2013 WR Kevin Gladney from Akron OH. He is on the espnu 150 watch list (top 300) and a three star #300 player on 247 sports. Some sites have him listed around 6'4 or 6'3 and Michigan seems to be his first offer. Here is a scouting report from mgouser NStank http://mgoblog.com/category/user-tags/kevin-gladney ... According to Sam Webb's twitter, the Michigan coaches just visited Evan Boehm (recently decommited from Missouri). Scout lists him as the top cener in the country while other sites list him as one of the top guards in the country... Rivals just updated the rest of their rankings and Drake Johnson just picked up three stars (was not rated before). http://rivals.yahoo.com/michigan/football/recruiting/player-Drake-Johns… ... Coach Mallory is going to visit Yuri Wright and Don Bosco prep tomorrow. http://michigan.247sports.com/Board/59424/Next-stop-for-Michigan-assist… ... And Dymonte Thomas made first team all Ohio (via his twitter)



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i don't think it's crazy to give partial credit to a board poster thinking a 290 lb dude who played tackle his senior season might just end up on the OL when all is said and done.  

but if we're not counting him, Kalis is almost like a 2011 recruit since he's the least likely to need a redshirt of all time.  given the massive depth issues, i don't have a problem taking 6.  we have 8 scholarship linemen and 6 will be gone after 2013.

meanwhile, it's entirely possible that missing Molk, Martin and RVB and dealing w/ Urban Meyer after a full season makes it somewhat harder to recruit.  get while the gettins good, yo.


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Evan Boehm was all over our radar 9 months ago or so, but committed to Missouri pretty early.  He's a legit stud OL, and although he'd take a spot away from Garnett or Diamond, you'd be OK with that, trust me.

EDIT:  Let me rephrase.  I'd rather have Garnett than Boehm (probably not Diamond though), but Boehm is also a big time talent at the same position, and I'd be happy with either.


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...point to adding just one more OL to the class anyhow, so it looks like it is going to be first commit, first served between Diamond, Boehm, and Garnett (or less likely Banner or Kozan). 

That said, the depth chart at center would look a lot better with Evan Boehm's name penciled onto it.

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The spots are are very limited right now. By my count there are 5 spots left and we know 1 of those is reseverd for Dunn. And another 2 spots are reserved for WR's. 

I have to think it's first come first serve for one of the remaining two pots  between Garnett and Diamond (and now Boehm?). The last spot could be used on Yuri Wright or McNamara. 

It kind of sucks we have such limited room because for a change I feel Michigan to clean up on the recruiting trail...

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With the log jam we have at OG,  I would think Stacy never sees the field during his 4 years (barring injuries of course). He would have to beat out all of the current underclassmen  (Bryant and Schofield are two of the names that stand out). Down the road he would also have to beat  out Kalis, Bars, and possibly Garnett.  I'm not even counting Braden, Magnusson and Diamond (all of whom I think project as OT's). Also not accounted for is AJ WIlliams if  he were to move to an OG/OT spot. Chances are Stacy does not play if we land Boehm...


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Whoa, chill. First of all, Bryant, Schofield and maybe Kalis if he doesn't RS will graduate before Stacey, same with Jack Miller. That would leave Boehm/Garnett, Bars and maybe Williams in his class. If Boehm comes and plays OG, then Stacey is the starting OC his senior year. If Boehm comes in and plays OC, then Stacey's senior year he'd have to fight only kids younger than him for the spot.

Also - kids get hurt, they transfer, some don't pan out. No one thought Omameh would ever play with guys like Mealer, O'Neill and Wermers in his class.


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I think about half of the offensive line prospects don't finish out their careers (injury, transfer, fatness, etc.), so if Stacey sticks it out, there's a very good chance that he'll see significant playing time.

You rarely see fourth or fifth year guys who don't play in some capacity.  It's kind of a war of attrition.  Whoever's left standing after a few years gets a job somewhere.


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Congrats to Drake.  I saw him and Shane at the Ohio game.  They both need to put on some pounds.  Especially Drake if he wants to play RB.  Right now he looks to be more of a slot receiver.


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Give me Garnett and Boehm. I heard from coach Jackson that Boehm was like Molk, but nastier. He also said Garnett was like Jake Long, only a better pass blocker


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This is good news. A third guy in the OL mix puts more pressure on the first two. I'd be happy with any of the three from what I've read.


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Not sure if this has already been posted, but here are some of our recruits that did well with post-season honors (unless they're in the championships):

Div. 1, 1st Team

Chris Wormley (co-POY), Tom Strobel, Joe Bolden, Bri'onte Dunn (fingers crossed), Allen Gant, A.J. Williams

Div. 1, 2nd Team

Pharoah Brown (thought I'd just throw him in here even if he's not committed now)

Div. 1, Special Mention

Kyle Kalis, Caleb Stacey

Div. 3, First Team

Jarrod Wilson, Dymonte Thomas

I would say this is a pretty good turn out for our recruits from Ohio. Kalis missed a few games or he would probably have been given a first team nod as well. 


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with Boehm in the fold now possibly my wish list just got real jacked up. 

I guess I'd have to go..

1. Darboh (we need a WR in this class, if not 2)

2. Garnett 

3. Wright 

4. Boehm

5. Dunn / Other WR

....ummm, yeah, I'd take that. 

*No disrespect to Dunn - I want him no doubt, just wondering how much he "wants" to be here vs. thinking he should be here. At one point he was #1 on my list because stealing him from Ohio would just be even sweeter, but we have other needs, there are other options, and that whole "wanting" to be a wolverine. All that said - the second he commits I'll be doing cartwheels down the aisle at work. 

\guy who cares a lot about his list but realizes noone else probably cares about his meaningless list

*Edit - Shit we need McNamara too if we actually have a chance at him. I guess I'd replace anyone but Darboh with him. Screw my list - carry on...


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I hate bringing it up but.... any chance if one or more of these O-line kids commit we have someone else currently commited start looking around?  The proverbial pool is getting somewhat crowded.


December 1st, 2011 at 9:02 PM ^

If Michigan is to take 28 in this class, 3 recruits will need to enroll early.  IIRC, Ringer and Wilson are set to do so.  Is there a third early enroll already lined up?  It's already December.


December 2nd, 2011 at 12:35 AM ^

Sam Webb says UM is for sure taking 2 wideouts. Darboh is blue is what he hinted. That leaves one spot between Payton, Diggs, and Chesson.


He says that whoever is next after Darboh, better move on it fast. Says, most likely is Chesson, but if he doesn't this is good for Diggs. Said if Diggs wants on this train he better move fast (meaning get on campus), and the belief is the others will move too fast.


That leaves 3 spots open between:Diamond, Garnett, Wright, Dunn, Boehm and a TE.