A few minor recruiting notes (Dunn edition)

Submitted by Gobluegr on December 11th, 2011 at 7:15 PM
The coaches are reportedly visiting Armani Reeves (via Penn State 247 twitter) and they are trying to get an official set up. Sam Webb talked about it this morning.... And Brionte Dunn is taking an official to Michigan next weekend according to Bill Greene at scout.com.



December 11th, 2011 at 8:45 PM ^

Schutt is so weird.  Spends his whole recruitment basically wanting to go to ND, then misses the boat as Day commits.  ND says " thanks, but no thanks."   Then basically goes to a news media outlet saying "I'm visiting UM and am going to commit", to which UM says "thanks, but no thanks" and takes Pipkins.  Then in the same weekend, goes to PSU and commits.  Now he takes one official to Ohio and is seemingly going to commit.  Kind of weird.

And I'll say it again, PSU needs to get a coaching staff in place.  Ohio is after Carmen Williams as well.


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Awesome that they're still on the market, as it were. Hopefully, one more CB and one more RB are coming our way. Remember to let them know, "This is Michigan....fergodsakes!"


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If Dunn is an EE, then i think he already have a decision made up in his mind cause he doesnt have that much time left to make sudden decisions. In my opinion, if he did not commit within the next 48 hours, then he's probably going to commit to Blue when he comes to Ann Arbor. Just my thought

Look Up_See Blue

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He's already committed to ohio, how could he commit again?  Maybe he's not "committed" based on some opinions of the MGoCommunity however he's still officially committed to ohio.  He will have to let Urban Meyer know he is decommitting from ohio and then commit to Michigan.  I hope just as much as the next person that he decommits from ohio and picks Michigan.  He could commit to Michigan on his official visit but I don't see that happening.  If he does not commit on his official visit I wouldn't be super worried because he could be waiting until the last minute to avoid the backlash from the irrational ohio fanbase.  I could see him giving the coaches a silent commit on his official and telling them he's going to make it official after hte holidays before he comes up to Ann Arbor for GOOD!  Buckle Up?