A few minor recruiting notes 12/26

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2013 CB Shaq Wiggins told Keith Niebuhr of Rivals that Michigan, Virginia, and Tennessee are his leaders. (from Keith's twitter) ... 2013 DB Kendall Fuller of Good Counsel was named an early five star on Rivals (they are releasing ten this week, 2 per day). Although the article doesn't mention it, he has Michigan interest and an offer. In the article he is compared to Charles Woodson, so getting him would be a big deal. http://michigan.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1311019 ... TomVH held his weekly chat earlier today. He talked about Logan Tulley-Tillman's high interest in Michigan, Michigan's chances with Garnett (good chance + Hoke should be doing an in home visit with him soon), and how Michigan stands with Wright and Reeves (Michigan should have a good shot with both after a visit) http://espn.go.com/sportsnation/chat/_/id/41827/wolverinenation-vanhaar…



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Remember you are talking about a guy who created Ewoks. Somewhere between Empire and Return of the Jedi he got Disneyfied. Ewoks were originally supposed to be Wookies.


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In the last three years, rivals has only had one QB in their top ten and that person was 10th so they don't like rating QBs very high. But Josh Helmdolt seems to really like him, so he could have a positive effect on Shane's rating. In the end I'll say yes, just because Shane is awesome and rivals loves pro potential which he has.


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So Tom says TE Sam Grant will be the first of our likely prospects to make a decision about staying at BC or switching, Alex Kozan might announce at the All America Bowl on the 3rd, Garnett looks to be announcing in January and Tom maintains Michigan has "a very good chance," Yuri Wright near the end of January or maybe NSD, and Jordan Diamond still wants to wait until NSD to announce. Armani Reeves looks to schedule a visit but apparently is waiting for PSU to hire a coach to see how things pan out and make an informed decision.

A lot of great questions and even better answers in this article! Should be on the main page.


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Shaq Wiggins:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3Jzjq2k0W0

Fuller doesn't seem to be a great tackler on any level, doesn't really deliver an impact or get downhill fast. Didn't look as fluid in coverage as Shaq to me. Wiggins on the other hand gets down hill, hits, and tackles with authority. Very fluid in coverage and plays the ball as well as you can.


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Oh I saw that highlight, that's his sophmore one.  On most of the tackles Fuller was just throwing his shoulder into the ball carriers legs so I agree with that.  Getting off blocks and getting downhill faster would be another plus for sure.


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does anyone know if Grant's offer from Oklahoma was a last minute "need a TE and our first couple guys backed off" deal? Or maybe he was a late riser (or committed to BC long ago and fell off radars)


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I doubt it.  FIrst of all, very rarely do top teams like Oklahoma throw out offers like you suggest.  I mean, teams will give back up offers once certain guys commit elsewhere, but that doesn't mean that they'll throw them out to just anybody.  What I'm saying is, even if Grant got an OU offer because they guy(s) they initially wanted committed elsewhere, it doesn't mean he isn't OU material. 

A school like Oklahoma (or Michigan) will get the guys they want, and very rarely will throw an offer to a scrub just because they need a guy at that position group.  Also also, I wouldn't consider an offer in mid-December "last minute."

In addition to all of that, Grant also has offers from Arkansas and others, so OU and us aren't the only good teams going after him.  I think he's legit.


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wouldn't consider him a scrub in any way. Just trying to get a better idea on Grant. Everyone in the country scouted Kalis, and a high school coach will sell all his kids when D1 schools come in, so he couldn't have been under the radar.

Sometimes even the elite schools need a player. Michigan is a good example - if Funchess went to Florida on the same weekend P. Brown did, we'd be offering lower rated kids because we'd have a desperate need for TEs at that point.

And in the modern recruiting cycle, I do think a mid-December offer can be considered late. Maybe the senior film only gets out around then, but to me that still puts him out as a late riser

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I have been looking for a highlight tape for Yuri, is there any that aren't owned by maxpreps/scouts out there?  I haven't found any good ones just of him.  Any help is appreciated.


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I haven't found any.  I think Don Bosco Prep typically doesn't put out highlight videos for their players very often.  I know I've had a hard time finding them for Don Bosco players in the past.  You'll often find team highlights and such on Youtube, but not individuals.


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Pumped about Garnett, hoping we can get Wright as well and finish this class up strong. Great to see good things lining up for 2013, beyond Shane, with LTT and Wiggins. Sure wish we had more info on what's up with Pharoh Brown since the Mattison in home visit.


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I know bolden has enrolled for classes, but has anyone heard if Ringer or Wilson has yet?  Without them enrolling early we can't get to 28.  Just curious.  Sorry if already posted.