A few interesting recruiting notes (3-26-12 edition)

Submitted by RollDamnTide on March 26th, 2012 at 2:50 PM

A couple people have messaged me privately about who the two Michigan commits are going to be. With the 2nd commit, I can only guess at this point, until I get a chance to talk to my guys and kick the tires. As for the 1st, I'm not a recruiting expert, but since I'm privy to some inside info, I take it seriously. I'm pretty certain I know who that recruit is, and I won't say his name, because I want to give the kid his spotlight. Having said that however, one can easily discern who that recruit is, by reading my previous posts. I've been pretty adamant about this young man going to Michigan for quite some time. I'm pretty certain the board will be very hard to access for a solid hour and a half after he commits. 


The second recruit is unknown to me right now, but I am hearing that if his Dad  likes what he sees, he will allow E.J to pull the trigger. Will that Happen? Hey, your guess is as good as mine. What's is the weather like in AA that weekend? From the people that know something about it, they say that Michigan is definitely EJ's top school at the moment. His Dad does like Florida State, but I don't think it's as much as Mike Farrell says he does. He wants to wait until signing day to decide, that's certain. Having said that, I will say this. For Michigan to turn down Dorian O'Daniel, they had to know something about E.J, and be REALLY confident. Ben Gedeon is a solid prospect, but he's not the kind of prospect that you turn O'Daniel for, Levenberry is. What people haven't mentioned, is that Levenberry and O'Daniel are projected to play the same LB spot at the next level. Gedeon is a bigger kid, and not likely to be used the same as O'Daniel and Levenberry. Do the math.


I wasn't expecting to post an update this early, so I'll include some national and SEC recruit updates in my next post. Thanks for reading, guys.



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A Bama fan is the perfect cover for one of our former gurus to come back undetected.  At first I thought this was a tin hat theory, but man... the more inside info a random Bama fan has about the Michigan program, the more I'm thinking we have a mole somewhere.  That being said, I love every second of it...


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You do realize you've propped expectations so high now that, if Michigan fans don't get two stellar recruits in two weeks' time, substance abuse in Michigan is going to go through the roof.

Otherwise, great contributions.  Keep it up.  ("...till I kick the tires."  Great expression.)


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O'Daniel will not play the same spot. From everything I've read, O'Daniel is a WILL and EJ is a SAM. Levenberry is much bigger than o'Daniel.


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Different defenses. In our D, the SAM is almost a DE, and that's where EJ is being recruited. ODaniel, being almost a safety size, was being recruited at WILL, but in our D that's almost interchangeable with the MIKE, and we brought in a lot of those guys last year. Since Gedeon is likely a MIKE as well, him leaning our way is probably why we told ODaniel thanks but no thanks.


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I have no idea what kind of defense Clemson runs, but is their SAM used in the same way that we use our SAM?  That could make a huge difference in this conversation.


EDIT: WolvinLA answered it.  Different defenses so the point about EJ and DO playing the same position is pointless.


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Alabama might play guys differently than Michigan, but Levenberry is probably a MIKE or maybe a SAM.  Gedeon is probably a MIKE.  O'Daniel would have been a WILL.

These coaches like small-ish, fast-ish guys to play the WILL position. 


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Who just moved up here get insider contacts who are texting him Michigan recruiting info?  I'm not saying you've steered anyone wrong...but how did you get on the inside when it's not even the team you're a fan of?  Or are these just national recruiting contacts?


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But what you're forgetting, is that most of the kids that I mention in these updates are national recruits. You don't have to be a "Michigan guy" to get info about National kids. Have you ever read anything I've written about a state of Michigan kid? No, because I've never written anything. I have however, written about Dawson, who had a Bama offer. Again, if my updates bother anyone, I'll be happy to stop. I've stated this before, my info comes from knowing a lot of people deeply rooted in a lot of top HS programs in the state of Alabama, who know a lot of people.You think you guys love recruiting? It's all we do in the off season in Alabama. We don't have an NFL team to worry about we have recruiting, it's what we know.


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By all means, please don't. You have no motive for just posting any random crap you can think of and labelling it "insider" information ala Ace Williams, page clicks profit Brian , not you. And so far you seem to have very sound judgment about what the treshold is for solid information. By all means, most of us probably can't get enough recruiting info and I like hearing about what other fanbases are doing as well, so keep it coming.


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But I just wonder how high school coaches in Bama know what kids in Illinois are going to do. And more than recruiting analysts who are following Michigan recruits.  Aren't they concerned with doing things like winning high school football games? So far you've insinuated that guys who are popularly thought to favor Michigan are going to go to Michigan...if you've got any surprises from off the board, let us know.  

But don't threaten to take your recruiting ball and go home just because people like sourcing on Internet rumors. And stop upvoting your own posts...it's bad etiquette, and doesn't instill any more confidence in the sincerity of your posting.


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Seems a bit harsh. The guy is doing us a favor by giving us some info that we all enjoy getting. At no point has he been malicious in anything he has done. He came to this site, and got his feet wet very slowly, and now puts some pretty good stuff on the board. He has been nothing but classy, so there is no reason for us to not be the same. Also, he never said the guys from Alabama were coaches, he said they were deeply rooted in the high school football programs in Alabama. Maybe they are coaches and maybe they aren't, but there is no reason to jump to conclusions on the guy or his sources. He has brought good insight to the board thus far, and until he stops doing that, I don't think there is any reason to question his motives. And as far as upvoting his own posts, if he wants to get a few extra imaginary mgopoints, I don't think it is going to kill anyone.