A few bubbles from the submarine

Submitted by mGrowOld on August 18th, 2015 at 10:41 PM

Nothing terribly earth shattering but tonight I worked out with the high school head coach of one of our current players and he shared a few nuggets from a conversation they had over the weekend so I thought I'd share:

1. With Hoke they had a catered chef who basically cooked to order whatever the players wanted and they had as much as they liked.  He said it was like eating at a 5 star restaurant every day and it was fantastic.  With Harbaugh there are basically no meal choices and if you don't like it - that's too bad

2. The past two years the players stayed in nice, new, air-conditioned rooms where they had a lot of space and personal freedom.  With Harbaugh they are crammed into an old, dirty, non-air-conditioned room that's hot as hell.  Note: where are they exactly?  Sounds like my old dorm room.

3. Under Hoke this player had no clue why he'd play, get pulled, start or be benched.  He said there was little communication and he was very confused on what got him playing time or what got him pulled from the game.  With Harbaugh he knows exactly where he stands on the depth chart every single day (he said it's updated every day) and he knows exactly what the coaches want to see in him to improve his standing.



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Wants to make the football team live the way he had to as a player. All the while going back to his million(s) dollar home with AC, and someone to cook whatever he wants to order. Let's hope they put this treatment on the recruiting fliers. It's not as if the losing hasn't been enough to make the top kids go elsewhere. Hoke feeding them well and keeping them well was the smart and right thing. Harbaugh would be wise to understand that the kids today are able to exspose their talents to a entire nation with a few clicks, if he doesn't treat them like they matter someone else will. No wonder there is a mass exodus

The Mad Hatter

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Maybe it's a Polish thing (I'm 1st gen) but pretty much everyone in my family would rather bathe.  Showers are for when you're in a big hurry or have something toxic on you.

Take a bath with your wife.  Shave her legs (and whatever else) for her.  Do a good job and I guarantee you'll have a good night after the bath.


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The dining hall, all bathrooms, the basement, and first floor study lounges were redone. But the rooms were untouched so walking down a hallway on the 5th floor would look exactly the same as it did in the 1980s, but then the lobby and dining hall are shockingly new and luxurious. Huge juxtaposition  

rob f

August 18th, 2015 at 10:52 PM ^

I like those bubbles you just released (smelly or not!).  Harbaugh is running a boot camp instead of a luxury resort, and the end result is going to be a team with a level of toughness we just haven't seen in a while. 

Bo didn't pamper his players at Michigan and Mike Ditka didn't pamper his players in Chicago.  Harbaugh learned well from both of them, just like he learned well from his own dad.  He knows what he needs to do to make the Miichigan program successful again and this is just a small part of it.