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It might be a good idea to read the link within the Detroit News story---you'll then see that nothing is being paved over, altered or destroyed in the process of allowing tailgating on Ferry Field.  The link also explains what you get for your big money, describing 4 different levels of size, supplies and services provided, including tent, tables, linen, coolers  (not provided for pooping, IceHole) and ice, catering consierge service, etc., the largest setup for up to 60 guests with all the bells and whistles for over $9000 per season.

My best guess is that only the tailgate set-ups and foot traffic are going to be allowed on the field and track surfaces, while vehicles will be parking on the adjacent lots.


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I dont get the sentiment that Ferry Field must be saved. The football stadium part is long gone and the track was no longer good enough to host meets on it. Regents field and the Ann Arbor Fairgrounds no longer exist either. Its not like bulldozing Yost. Theres not really anything left at Ferry Field these days.


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I spent four seasons competing at that track. It was the same site Jesse Owens broke three world records and tied a fourth record. I still have the meet program, with all the times penciled in by my grandfather. It was originally used as the football field (one of the original gates still remains off of State they must have thought it important too at one point). It was also used as PT grounds for troop readiness and training for the world many great athletes through the years raced and ran across that ground. Yes I know a flashy new fancy pretty thing was built down the road...but this is one of the foundational 'spots' on the athletics campus that is more than just 'a track'. And it has a monument built on the south east yeah, it's a little sentimental. And history has its purpose.


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I have seen these setups at games at other schools. At Auburn Tailgate Guys comprise a ton of their campus. The base package is basically space and an ezup but the next tier comes with a TV - Satellite dish. Pretty sweet.