Ferns offered by Alabama as H-back (Per Steve Lorenz)

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Our first 14' commit, Michael Ferns, has been offered by Saban as an H-back. Brady and co. have certainly done a great job of discovering talents.

Quoted content came directly from Steve Lorenz (free information)

Saban called the St. Clairsville coach today looking to talk to Michael, whom he eventually got on the phone with, mostly by chance. A long story short, Saban grew up in West Virginia and knows a lot of people connected to the Ferns family (grandfather, etc.), which is how the conversation began. Saban then offered Ferns a scholarship, somewhat surprisingly, as an H-Back TE. It's a total non-issue.

The Ferns' were concerned that one of the local sites would try to make something out of this, which it looks like they have. As you would assume, it's nothing but another notch on Michael's belt as far as scholarships go. He has a lot more than have been reported, but hasn't really bothered talking to coaches from other teams and has gone as far as telling his coach to tell other programs to stop coming by Saint Clairsville to stop wasting their time.



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When a kid becomes the annual Shane Morris High School Recruiting Coordinator for Michigan and starts making #project135 shirts, it's probably not worth chasing after him

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I think they're coach is Sanab.  Their located somewhat near Aunurb University.  There tradition of football excellence is unmatched by other college's.


EDIT:  Of course, the OP changed the thread title, thereby making my extremely witty comment seem offtopic.  For those of you who missed out on the fun, the OP's original thread title referred to "Alamaba."

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The whole post was meant to be sarcastic, but then it took a turn for the worse when the OP fixed his mistake.

The multiple errors in the post were done on purpose.  The whole they're their there thing - as well as using an ' in plural words - has become a bit of a running commentary on the board.

I'll put my tail between my legs for my ill-fated attempt at humor.  This also proves that the joke isn't funny if you have to explain it.



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I've seen this story before.  Next January Ferns is going to go on a trip to Alabama to visit his childhood friend Trey DePriest, and then he's going to be incommunicado for a couple weeks...

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I thought one of the main criteria for Ferns was academics, did Saban think he would offer and all of a sudden Michael was going be like " we ain't come to play school"


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call each Bama coach and offer them the open Asst slot just to create a story.

Ferns will get more offers as major coaches chum the waters. Heck, we've offered 100 kids for 2014 and have only 12 or so spots left.


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