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Do you feel better now?  Contributed something enlightening to the board?  Or just needed an extra point to clear that 500 mark?  I missed the apparently original post, so I'm glad it just showed up again.  Furthermore, had I seen the original, I still would have liked this second look at her. 

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that said, i've read this blog about 10 times a day for the past 4 years and I never have felt the urge to get pissed at repeat threads even if i see them all the time. i just skip over them...i must be strange or something. hmm.


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I don't have any facts or a stopwatch, but I am guessing that you have about a half-second less to kick the ball against a good college team than in HS.   Also, I'm guessing the ball has to go somewhere around ten degrees higher.  That must be some adjustment. 


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and you get to kick off of a tee in high school.  In college, you have to kick off the ground.  Having said that I really hope we give Gibbons another chance. He has a high ceiling if he ever figures out his accuracy problems, and didn't kick hte ball out of bounds on kickoffs.