Feature on Future Wolverine Abby Cole, Ranked #3 in 2013 Volleyball Class

Submitted by Raoul on September 28th, 2012 at 8:55 AM

McCabe has a nice Free Press feature on future Wolverine Abby Cole: Grand Haven volleyball 'ace' Abby Cole is a rising star. Prepvolleyball.com has ranked her #3 in the country in the 2013 class.

"She can control the game at the net unlike any player I've ever seen from her attacking and blocking," said Grand Haven coach Aaron Smaka. "She's starting to impact the game in a huge way in the back row from her serving, which she's getting better at -- she's serving a jump serve that is just wicked -- and she's starting to attack the ball out of the back row.

"The biggest change in her game from last year to this year is now she's affecting the game all the way around the court."

Cole is also one of the top basketball players in the state and helped Grand Haven win the Class A state championship last year, but she's chosen volleyball as her college sport:

Division I college basketball coaches at the highest level were interested in Cole, but the more she played volleyball the more it became clear it was her best sport.

Cole is tall and has a wiry frame. She isn't as thick as are many Division I basketball players.

"I think I can go a lot farther in volleyball," she said. "People always tell me I'm built like a volleyball player, not a basketball player. It's not a bad thing, but in college basketball, players are a lot more aggressive, and I feel with the physical contact I would get shoved around a lot in basketball."

Also, I think I spotted a recruiting advantage of the "highlighter" shade of maize:

"There was one coach who went to every single match at nationals, and it was Mark Rosen, the Michigan coach," she said. "He was always in his bright maize shirt so he stood out a lot. He told me after I committed that he did it on purpose so I would notice him."


Hardware Sushi

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Ohhhh Mick McCabe.....

"With the core group of players returning, expectations were off the hook."

Ay ay ay.....yes, Mick, off the hook. /facepalm

And congrats to Abby. Would be nice to build a dominant volleyball program. Where's the girl from South Lyon going? Any volleyball fanatics on the board?