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We're good next season but looking at '13 can make you sweat. Barnum and Khoury will be gone and Jack Miller will start as a RS So. After him though it's barren. Any chance Blake Bars can make the switch? If not we're counting on getting a true freshman in the next class to be the backup. Scary stuff.



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Questions that I would like answered:


Can Bryant play center?

Can Kalis play center?

Can Bars play center?

What walkons do we currently have that can play center?

What walkons do we currently have that can play TE?




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From what I understand there is a magical formation that uses ninjas and rainbows but no tight ends.  We could always use a variaton of this offense. The concern would be that it is basketball on grass...the positive is Michigan is getting better at Basketball!


I just wish we could find an example of this offense working at the college level, it would be cool if like 8 of the top 10 college offenses were one of these magical ninja teams.  Alas no such luck.




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Molk probably took every single snap in practice with the 1s, and in practice. He was injured in the pregame, leaving extremely little time to get practice with the 1s in. 

Its a bit of a shock going from "Im backing up the best Center in the country and will definetly not get in" to "your starting. In the first BCS bowl game for Michigan since 2001. Against an athletic and blitz-happy front."

Center is most important in recognizing and calling out protection variables for stunts and blizes. Well. That and actually getting the ball loaded in the Dilithium Chamber.


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"In the first BCS bowl game for Michigan since 2001."

You've got me Maized And Confused.  Does the Rose Bowl after the 2003, 2004 or 2006 seasons count as a BCS game?  Also, Michigan didn't play in a BCS game in 2001.

But other than that, I get you're point.


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I wrote FB so people wouldn't say "I clicked on this thinking it was for basketball. You should be more specific." Fullback depth chart at center isn't a cohesive thought.


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Magnus made a comment on his blog that he thinks Bars might be forced to move to center to get playing time. You will want to go read his analysis to get Magnus' actual impression. I don't remember exactly, but I think the idea was the C would be Bars best opportunity to get playing time with two other T's in the class and possibly Diamond being added.


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I'm very worried about the backup center 2 years from now. 

I have it at #257 on my list of things I'm worried about at the current moment.   It's right ahead of my tennis shoes are getting a little worn should I get new ones and right behind my garbage can is broke but do I really want to pay for a garbage can.  I think I can survive with the broken handle.

We have a bunch of dudes that weigh around 280lbs.   They'll find someone else to play center at a competent level before the fall of 2013.  I promise. 

Now go back to worrying about something that matters... like losing all of last second recruits.



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What is the deal with him? If I remember correctly he was a four star recruit that was projected to play center? I heard he was out of shape this season, has the staff lost some interest in getting him in the rotation? Didn't hear many positive things about him last season.

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I pos'd this thread simply because I knew there would be a bunch of smartass fullback comments. I approve.

The depth chart at center does look like it may be thin by '14, but I'm not worried yet. For the 2013 class, the coaches know we'll need to address o-line depth, a stud RB, a playmaker (or three) at wideout, and figure out the long-term plan for center.

So far, they've hit really hard on all these positions except center - and center is a much different position to project than RB, WR, and tackle, so some of these olinemen they're recruiting may be their ideal guy for center in 3 years and we just don't know it yet.

Not really 'trust the coaches' but sort of? I still think Jack Miller will be solid for a few years, but that's not based on much actual visual evidence.



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Jack Miller is supposed to be doing great so barring injuries he'll be the starter for 3 years. Blake Bars might be able to make the switch, but it's not really a big deal if Miller stays healthy. Just have to sign 2 lineman next year that are Kozan like guys who can play guard or center. Redshirt one and have one in there immediately.

Jack Miller/Blake Bars/True Freshman/Redshirt Freshman, doesn't look like anything to panic at. Now if Miller goes down and Bars can't play center, then you should panic. In other words, it's too many if's at this point and Miller would have to have a serious injury before we should get worried.