Favorite Wolverine Football Player

Submitted by BlueMarrow on January 5th, 2019 at 10:07 PM

Who is your favorite University of Michigan Wolverine Football player of all time?

My Dad's favorite was Tom Harmon.

Mine is Charles Woodson.

The fact that he was Mr. Football State of Ohio, and we land him, is only the beginning.

NCAA and Super Bowl Champion. Heisman winner. 18 year NFL career.

He's always been a supporter of the program and the U, up to and including his efforts and support for the much needed Mott rebuild.

I also loved Rob Lytle, and obviously, Desmond.

Who do you revere?







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Woodson and it’s not close.  Was lucky enough to go to The Game the year he won the Heisman.  He won that game. It was glorious until the security/cops sprayed us with mace.  All part of the experience, right?  Go Blue!  


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That's a tough call.  Desmond Howard's catch against Notre Dame is my first sports memory.  I still watch Charles Woodson games any time I can.  He's part of the reason I think Vance Bedford is an intriguing guy to consider if we lose Al Washington (move CP back to linebackers).  And Denard Robinson was playing when i started becoming the perpetually hungry-for-knowledge football nerd I am today.  


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Woodson. Aside from the reasons that you listed (which I totally agree with), Woodson brought a swagger to Michigan that we really haven’t seen since. His attitude - best embodied by that shoving match with David Boston in front of the end zone - was just awesome. 


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Tough question comparing great things... 

I'd have to include Anthony Thomas.  Not sure though overall.  I really liked Devin Bush too. 


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Charles Woodson followed by Denard and then Braylon. I know Braylon has been sort of a shit head since graduating but my first game was his historic 3 TD performance against State in 2004


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Woodson, no doubt.  Otherworldly player and his time at UM coincided with mine.  

My favorite player on the current team is DPJ

The Fan in Fargo

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Woodson was the man. Denard was the best to watch though. I never got to see The Game in 97 when Wood took the punt back. I was playing trumpet at girls state basketball tourney. What a tragedy. I did get to see Denard's run up the left sideline though in 2011 against the buc and I think that very run put 15 years back onto my life. That and seeing that jackass Braxton the Miller's daughter get owned and pouting on the sideline.