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Well, with 8 days left until this season kicks off I feel like this would be a fun time to have everyone on the greatest UM site tell stories about their favorite Michigan football moment.  This doesn't necessarily have to be an in-game moment, but can involve memories from tailgating, fant interactions etc.

I guess I'll start:

I actually have 2.  My first was when I asked my dad why he was a Michigan fan and why he had raised me to be a Michigan fan.  He told me he became a Michigan fan after a weekend in Columbus as a high school senior.  He rode his bike from his brother's house to the Horseshoe and snuck onto the field and sat at the fifty yard line.  He got caught and was subsequently fined by the University for trespassing.  This pissed him off and thus be was henceforth a Michigan fan.  Therefore, had my father not been busted that day, I would have probably been raised an OSU fan.  Thank Christ that isn't the case.

The second is my first trip to the Big House.  UM-Iowa in 1997.  The game was amazing, but the first moment walking into the stadium will be with me for the rest of my life.



931 S State

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Brabbs' FG happening right in front of the student section is up there for me too.  Just remember thinking it was over when Braylon, still wearing #80,  dropped Navarre's pass on 4th down only to have it ruled a fumble by the officials.  The good ole days of no booth review.


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Like so many of you I was there too.  My Grandfather, Dad and Brother.  When the clock hit zeros we just stood there cheering and in awe for at least 10 minutes.  Great UofM memory and family memory.


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Watching Chris Perry score the winning touchdown, against PSU, in the first overtime game at the Big House. Being there with my Dad was extra special. He's the reason I have this affliction. I thought the Stadium was super-loud that day. I'm hoping it's louder this season, especially in late November.


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Another favorite memory is all the fun we had in the student section throwing marshmallows (when they were still allowed).  Those damn things provided so much entertainment.  I used to practice my throws during the week so I was able to pick my victims out and specifically hit them.  It was so much fun throwing those things.  So much so for everyone that the cameramen finally got a plexiglass guard put around their little cart to block the marshmallow pelting they got when the cart moved in front of the student section.


True Blue Grit

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I was a U-M junior sitting with my future wife and a bunch of fraternity brothers.  The game pretty much stunk.  The weather was dreary and everyone was really dreading tieing Lee Corso's Indiana team, as we'd never hear the end of it.  On the 2nd to last play, a Michigan RB or FB (can't remember who it was) basically fakes a fumble out of bounds to kill the clock right near Corso.  Of course, he goes apeshit to the refs.  The next play is legendary as Wangler throws the long TD pass to Anthony Carter.  After being almost dead quiet in the Big House for much of the game, the crowd goes absolutely nuts, making as much or more noise as I've ever heard there.  The funny part is my future wife, Liz, left the game a little while before to go back to study.  Part way back to the sorority, she hears this enormous roar and runs into some store to find out what happened.  To this day, I've never let her hear the end of it! 


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I went to the 04 MSU game (triple overtime) and the 05 Penn State game (Henne to Manningham).  I was also at last year's triple overtime against Illinois.  But in the last several years, the happiest I have been after a win was 06 Notre Dame....which I watched alone.  Afterwards, I went screaming down my street giving high fives to my neighbors.  I could not stop smiling the rest of the day.  Smiling that long gets to be very painful but I did it anyway.  Nothing could kill that happy mood the rest of the weekend. 

1997 feels like a separate category.  I was still in high school and I only went to one game that year against Minnesota.  But I still remember being excited all week for every game.  Listening to every post game on the radio.  Waiting to watch the news just to see highlights.  It was a really special time.  Judgment Day against Penn State was pretty special too.  I couldn't wait for the defense to get out there and dominate.  Boy, it feels weird typing that now. 


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Does anyone remember watching the 1994 Notre Dame game on television and then running into the streets after the victory?  South Quad emptied and we all ran over to the President's house on South U. and sang The Victors.  I think he actually came out and sang with us all.



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2) Woodsons sideline interception against MSU. What made it great was the shock with everyone thinking, "did that just happen?!"
<br>1) Manningham TD against PSU. Just extending Joe Pa's misery against Michigan in a glorious way.

ND Sux

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to have all your great Michigan memories get sucked into the vortex / RichRod era.  I had high hopes for RR too, but you're more bitter than a girl whose beau just started fucking her sister.  Even she gets over it eventually. 

My moment is 1997 Penn State game.  Total domination on the road, both teams in the top five, and IIRC, we came out #1 and never let go of it. 

His Dudeness

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Those were the years I was a student. Do you want me to be more happy about the time I was in my dad's basement with orange and brown shag carpet and lime green wallpaper and we lost the Rose Bowl to Washington?

The moments I am happiest in my fan-hood are the moments I spent with friends in the stadium, not some bullshit win or some National Championship that happened when I was in 8th grade and worried more about seeing a boob than a football game. Jesus, man. Was this a thread where I was supposed to write MY happiest moments as a fan or a thread where I was supposed to write about the best moments in Michigan Football history in my lifetime?

Your comment is stupid.

ND Sux

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but excuse me for being skeptical when your three years just happen to be the entire RR era, and almost every post you make on this board since January is a rant about those 'glory days'.  Maybe I was harsh, but I bet I could find dozens of others who thought you were just ranting again.   

I honestly hope you ARE being sincere, and that it means you're coming out of your funk.  I mean that 100% because you used to be one of my favorite posters here. 


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One of them is definitely Brabbs kicking the game winner against Washington in '02. I was in my future wife's apartment. When it went through, I went nuts, jumped up from the couch, and slammed my head into the ceiling (those were the days when I still had mad hops). And after that scene, my wife still agreed to marry me, with the understanding I would try to dial it down a notch during Michigan games. No such luck there!  


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I have seen over 100 games in the Big house in 30 years. Tough to pick one. Here are my top 5.


1. OSU 1997-An undefeated season and eventual NC

2.MSU 2004-Roller coaster of emotions and so many sparty fans talkin shit in the 4th quarter

3.ND 1991- The Catch

4. OSU 1985-Harbaugh to Kolesar...I was ten years old and pretty much remember peeing myself I was so excited.

5.OSU 2003-Loved this team, Loved this game, I bet every OSU fan I know that UM would beat them by two touchdowns...Love it when a plan comes through!!



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Hart came into camp with high expectations for himself.  Nobody else gave him a chance.  3rd or 4th team O vs 1st team D.  im standing at the goal line on the state st side of the practice field.  The 3rd team O - line gets blown up, Hart is pushed back 10 yds and evryone thinks hes gonna get smashed,  he stiff arms a defender and breaks free and dives over the goal line! vs 1st team D.  Wow, still gives me chills


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My first Michigan vs OSU game seen live at the stadium as a sophomore....We had finally put an end to way too many consecutive last minute field goal miss losses to OSU the year before when we went down to Columbus and beat OSU 22-0 WITHOUT COMPLETING A SINGLE PASS!!!  (REAL MANBALL!).

OSU and Cornelius Green ran all up and down the field that day, but they could not get into the end zone and kept turning the ball over inside our 20 and we beat the nasty Buckeyes 14-6 while watching Woody tear up the sideline markers in utter frustration!


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Great game. The OSU QB for that game was Rod Gerald. Greene's last season was 1975.  

Woody's tantrum in '77 was punching the ABC cameraman after OSU's last fumble.  OSU had first and goal from the Michigan 8 with 4 minutes left.  John Anderson blew up an option play and forced Gerald to fumble before he could make a pitch.  One of ABC's cameramen got too close to Woody as we was throwing down his headphones in anger, and Woody took him out.

The fumble and Woody's punch are at the 4:45 mark.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVx0s8JdE7c&safety_mode=true&persist_safety_mode=1


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Cooper could have settled for a 13-13 tie in Columbus.  He went for it on fourth down late in the game, to his credit.  Oddly, OSU ran their slow-footed QB (Greg Frey?) on the fourth down play.  About eight Wolverines engulfed him.  Michigan then moved the ball into FG territory, and JD Carlson kicked the game-winning field goal. 


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#1: 1995 Pigskin Classic vs. UVA...  I was going into my senior year in high school sitting in the south end zone.  Final play TD pass from Dreisback to Mercury Hayes for the win was ridiculous. Probably the best UM comeback I've seen in person and was the perfect motivation for our opening HS football game against Flint Powers.

#2.  My first ever experience in the big house, 1988, #4 UM vs #1 U Miami, getting to the stadium early to watch the defense warm up with my father and uncle.  Despite the total letdown in the 4th quarter, those first 10 minutes left an indelible impression as a lifelong Michigan fan. 


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The comeback win against UVA was also my #1 moment.  I had seats in the north end zone, but they were pretty high up so all I really remember seeing was the ball descent into the corner to my left, disappear behind the crowd, and then the stadium erupt in jubilation. 

Also unforgettable was the '94 Kordell Stewart play.  But that's on a different type of #1 list.

Wolverine 73

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bust the punt return to clinch the win over tosu, and then striking the Heisman pose in the end zone.  Desmond's TD catch in the ND game, Woodson's INT against MSU, Tim B. running roughshod over tosu, and Braylon's game against MSU are all right up there.  As for an overall game, the defensive domination of Woody's '69 team still ranks as the most satisfying experience.


August 26th, 2011 at 2:45 PM ^

1. Desmond's Heisman pose.  Remember watching it on TV as a kid, and it became a staple in our playground football games.

2. Woodson's one handed INT versus MSU.  I'm from Lansing and had just taken my ACT on MSU's campus that day.  We were stuck in Wells Hall right next to the football stadium/tailgating and it was so hard to focus on the test with the noise and game day atmosphere.  

After completing the test, I carpooled with my friend whose family was BIG MSU fans and I went to their house to watch the game.  During that play, you could FEEL the air get sucked from the room.  You could hear a pin drop for about a minute before my friend muttered a "no way".  The shock and awe was fantastic.


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There are 2 moments in Michigan football that stick out to me, and that I will pass down to my son eventually. My first was when Desmond did the Heisman, I was at that game, about 10 rows up from the 50 on the OSU side, and at the time I was partially a Michigan fan and partially a ND fan (I went to a Catholic school when I was young) after the crowd exploded and my Uncle and Sister who had gone to the game with me went berzerk I knew that Michigan was my team. The other moment was the interception that Woodson had against state. I wrote an essay about CW while in highschool, and at the end of my essay I had a soundbite/video I played for the class to the class, and everyone who knew football agreed it was one of the best defensive plays they'd ever seen, Michigan fan or not. Go Blue!


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My favorite is how I think Hoke has changed the tide on the rivalry. Hell people in Ohio are starting to believe him. Never in a million years I would have thought that. Selling Michigan jerseys is a good start.
<br>But in all honesty, I'm still pretty young and I've only been to 1 game myself, which was last years Wisconsin game. But despite then getting thrashed, being at the Big House for the first time is probably my favorite UofM memory ever. However, I believe I'll be going to the Ohio game this year, and that by far will be the single greatest moment for me since becoming a fan.

ND Sux

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and I'd be way envious.  I went to a decent school, but couldn't really afford Michigan.  Student tickets would be an absolute blast, I'm sure.  I love watching the student section during the game, even though I'm not part of it.  The students and the band are just awesome.


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Best football game I ever saw in person: the 10-10 tie my first year in Ann Arbor, 1973.  Like many of you, I attended many of the games with my future wife, who was a fellow student, although for that one she gave up her ticket so I could go with my Dad.

She was somewhat less technical than I was about what was happening; what she knew was that the game didn't really start until Bo threw his hat down and stomped on it a few times.

Best play I didn't see: AC's catch/run against Indiana.


August 26th, 2011 at 3:16 PM ^

So instead of pick just one, I'll list my favorites in no particular order:


1) Watching the 2005 last second touchdown by Manningham to beat PSU from the first row and hugging random strangers while I enjoyed the sweet taste of Nittany Lions fan tears.

2) First time in the Big House ever my freshman year when I walked into the stands and a tear came to my eye. I knew I was home.

3) Watching Robot Henne's motherboard knock back into place in East Lansing when we beat a stunned MSU in the 4th quarter on a sick corner endzone pass to Manningham. I was in the MSU student section.

4) Meeting Lloyd Carr unexpectedly in the stands in 2009 when I was walking back to my seat. I was so stunned, all I could muster was "Lloyd Carr?!" and hugged him.

5) Watching Brock Mealer walk down the field to touch the banner with his family at the Michigan Stadium rededication game last year.


August 26th, 2011 at 3:23 PM ^

2002 Iowa Michigan game in Iowa City.  Sitting in the south end zone.  Michigan is driving and Navarre throws to the back of the end zone.  Marquis Walker with a one handed circus grab for the score.  Stadium becomes dead silent.  People looking at each other trying to figure out if what they just witnessed actually happened.  Michigan goes on to win as it often did against Iowa up until Rich Rod.  First tailgate experience.  It was awesome. 

Heinous Wagner

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My best moment was my first game, in 1976. I went with a friend, who had gone to many games before. We stopped at a nearby grocery store, where my buddy bought a six-pack of Stroh's. "What are we going to do with that?" I asked. "We're taking it into the game," he said. And we did, no questions asked. We had three fire-breweds apiece and watched Huckleby, Lytle and company dismantle Stanford 51-0. Ahhhh, memories. 


August 26th, 2011 at 3:27 PM ^

trip to the Big House was Northwestern in 1991.  Michigan ended up rolling them but it didn't matter.  As I am sure was the case for most of you, the first time is unforgetable.

After the game there was an open basketball scrimmage for the basketball team.  The team included a group of five talented freshmen.  You might have heard of them.

This was fall of my senior year in high school.  That day firmed up my decision to apply to U of M.


August 26th, 2011 at 3:35 PM ^

That was my first game too.  Still have the ticket stubs.  We sat right next to the tunnel.  Got to see a young Tyrone Wheatley that day in addition to all the great upperclassmen.  As I recall, NW didn't even cross midfield until the end of hte 3rd quarter.

Every time Brandon talks about mascots to capture young fans, I remember that game.  All they need to do is put a kid next to the tunnel where he can "high 5" players like Desmond and Grbac and they will be sold for life, just like I was.


August 26th, 2011 at 3:29 PM ^

It was my first home game as a Freshman in '91 and I had never seen anything like that atmosphere in my entire life.  I was sitting in the student section in the end sone, and when Grbac launched that ball, all I could see from my seat was Desmond's feet go out when he streched to grab it.  I couldn't tell if he caught it or not, until everyone went nuts...


August 26th, 2011 at 3:33 PM ^

Also the Dadrian Taylor hit vs. Penn State (the whole game actually).  I was at work that afternoon, and we had a TV in the back.  I had one person keep lookout for our boss and I pretty much sat there and was glued to the TV. 


The ATrain fumble versus Northwestern...I was only 19 and in Windsor drinking with buddies.  We were in the hotel room about to go out, but the game kept dragging on.  He fumbled that ball and we were pissed.  I don't remember the rest of that night thanks to the alcohol, but I do remember that fumble in the hotel room.  #[email protected]^%


August 26th, 2011 at 3:38 PM ^

1. 1997 UM v. tOSU: I'll never forget that day for more than one reason but the one that really sticks out is when the "Go Blue" chant started (the one in which one side says Go and other says Blue), the entire stadium was shaking. It was unreal.

2. 2005 PSU: I was sitting next to two of my friends who were PSU fans, when the clock showed zero, I unleashed my drunken celebration and then continued to sip my flask.

3. 1995?: Mercury Hayes, corner of the end zone to beat Virginia.




August 26th, 2011 at 4:34 PM ^

2005 psu game. the i didnt wanna go becuz we were 3-3 and my wife didnt want me to spend the money becuz we just got married....the drive by 6-0 psu to go up with like 1 minute left on 3-3 us tht wld surely b the nail in the seasons coughin....the adding seconds back to the clock...the super clutch heads up drop by breaston that allowed for 1 final play...4th and 10 ball on the 10 final timeout...the me sitting between 2 psu students in row 92 hovering above the endzone tht wld host the final play....the snap...the throw...the manningham...the 2 psu fans sprinting for the exit...the mass chaos of hugging and loving michigan fb...the forgetting we were now only 4-3 and feeling invincible and then taughnting psu fans on the way to the car.....ahhhh...tht memory will last a lifetime