Favorite U of M / MSU joke

Submitted by UMdad on October 2nd, 2009 at 8:56 AM

What are your favorite MSU / UofM jokes?

I bring it up because I finally heard a decent UofM joke from a Sparty this week.

If there are three college graduates in a room, how do you know which one went to Michigan?
Wait a minute...they'll tell you.

Maybe it is because I am an alumni and find myself bringing it up quite often, I think this falls into the 'funny because it is true' category.

As for MSU jokes, I am a fan of the joke about the kid who doesn't want to live with his dad, because his dad beats him, and doesn't want to live with his mom, becasue she beats him, so he chooses to live with Dantonio because he heard that he doesn't beat anybody. (Shortened because I am sure you have all heard it)