Favorite Tailgating Food

Submitted by BlockM on August 24th, 2009 at 1:36 PM

Today the board seems to especially terrible, so let's get off the topic of the quarterbacks for a little bit...

What's your favorite tailgating food?

I'm partial to brats, mostly because they taste amazing and they don't take much effort. Grab a bag of buns, some ketchup, relish, and a pack of Johnsonvilles and you're set. (Most would probably prefer more than that on their brats, but it's America, so I have the freedom of choice.)



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Bloody Mary, but substitute Jager for the vodka. Sounds awful, but trust me, it is daaaaamn tasty.

On the food end, I like brats (single stripe of mustard represent) and burgers. Donut burgers are ideal for early morning festivities. Hamburger patty with a couple donuts as a bun.


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I am a bit biased, as I am a liquor salesman and one of the brands I represent is Jager. But I still stand by it as my morning drink of choice. I was introduced to it last year at the Purdue/Notre Dame game (I unfortunately live in South Bend) where Jagermeister co-hosted a giant tailgate with my company.

I recommend Zing Zang bloody mix. I don't sell it, but that is the best I have had. Red Eye makes some uber-hot bloody mixes if you can handle it (I cant).


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I'll try the Jager variety. Have you ever substituted part or all of the tomato juice/clamato with Guinness? The flavor doesn't come through as much as the texture, but it's a nice change of pace Mary. Also, of course the classic Bloody Maria, substituting vodka for tequila. And in any form of the Mary, you can always add a role of hard salami, on a skewer with pearl onions/olives/whatever you usually use.


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You didn't just seriously suggest ketchup on a brat, did you?

I don't think you understand the American nature of brats. Brats should always be eaten with a single stripe of mustard. That's it. Anything more is criminal.


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and I like to add some prepared horseradish too. Clear the sinuses. Huge However though: Johnsonville's are crap. If at all possible I get my brats from Paulina Meat Market in Chicago. I have a favorite butcher from every place I've ever lived, but Paulina is the best of the best.


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Not that it matters... because we're not in Germany, we're in America...

But... In 2007, I went to Oktoberfest in Munich. As we were very drunkenly stumbling out of the place at closing time, we stopped by a booth selling bratwurst. There were only two choices: Ketchup, or curry.

Maybe it was the drunken stupor, but it was the most delicious thing ever. Bratwurst on a crusty round bun (yeah, the brat stuck out both ends!) with ketchup. I've put only ketchup on my brats ever since. Plus, I hate curry so that was just not an option.


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They must have run out of mustard. I lived in Germany for five years when I was in the military and never saw an imbiss without mustard. I agree that German brats on brötchen (crusty rolls) are the best, although I prefer mine with spicy German mustard. After Germany, the brats here in America just do not taste quite right.

They also serve curry wurst. The brats are sliced and doused with curry ketchup. They're decent, but not nearly as good as those mentioned above.


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I love me some kielbasa but the problem is they (and brats and related other sausage products) are very filling. You can't really just sit and grub on them. Myself I'm partial to nachos for a couple reasons:

- you can munch on them all day long
- they're ridiculously easy to make and require far less planning than fancier stuff
- I like nacho toppings better. I don't like ketchup or relish or onions any of that. For dogs, mustard is a must-have, chili is always appreciated, but that's it. Nachos, you can break out the cheese of all kinds, salsa, sour cream, olives, all kinds of stuff, the only nacho topping I won't eat is guacamole.

Mr. Maizenblue

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Put the Nachos on the GRILL !!!!!

Put some chips, Meat that has been seasoned w/ taco seasoning, and Rotel. Just let them sit on aluminum foil on the grill. Add cheese for the last minute or so.

Take em off, add your favorite toppings, and WHAM!!! It's just a different taste.

Since you like all the toppings, every tried a 7-layer dip? Awesome!!! It's pretty much all the toppings layered. Then you dip !!! My wife makes a killer 7 to ten layer dip!!!


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Ketchup belongs no where near brats. All you need is a nice whole grain mustard and some sauerkraut.

One thing that was pretty awesome was start the festivities around 8am then make my to South Quad for their brunch around 10.


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makes a kick ass egg and sausage cheese casserole for breakfest for the noon starts. after that either a hot dog or burger will do with an ice cold beer.


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fresh batch of wings. My wife and I will make them the night before, then once we arrive I put them on a twin burner coleman stove to heat them back up. Man I can't wait!


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fajitas are my favorite, brats and burgers get old by week 4,
throw all the veggies and steak on some foil till it sizzles, and everything else you need is raw (tomatoes, lettuce, Guac, Sour Cream) so its easy to eat, tell everyone to bring their beer and some beans or rice and everyone gets what they want and easy to clean up. Crowd pleaser for sure.


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I'm so sick of QBs. Also: beer can chicken. Even if you don't think you like chicken, you'll probably love it. I put fresh thyme and rosemary in the beer can to spread the goodness around, and use my secret recipe rub on the skin.