Favorite non-football U-M Alum?

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Thread title says it all.

I'd say mine is Dick Costolo, the CEO of twitter. He is always repping Michigan on twitter and even spoke at commencement.



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Unless you are talking about All-American linemen.  Then the couple of years as POTUS is the bit of trivia.


(* Which former University of Michigan All American centers was the only U.S. president to serve without being elected into the executive office?)


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Well, we had actually contemplated the list for coolest Michigan alums for a bracket, so my #1 seeds were:

Raoul Wallenberg

Arts and Media
Arthur Miller
Larry Page

But Clarence Darrow, Tony Fadell, Tom Hayden, Arleigh Burke, Bob McGrath, Chris Van Allsburg, Dan Okrent, Brad Metzler, David Paymer, Randy and Jason Sklar, Chip Davis, Bert Sugar, Thomas Dewey, Irwin/Scott/Worden, Sid Meier, William Upjohn, Jessye Norman, you have some options (and that isn't even the deep part of the bench.)


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We wouldnt be talking on this without claude....he blows away einstein...everything today from cell phones to high def to the internet to computers...the michigan grad from gaylord set it all up....its unfortunate that his stuff is too complex for the average Joe to get...but i don't care he is THE MAN!


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Absolutely agree.  Most people have no idea how important this guy was.  His 1948 paper is on my list of top three highest impact inventions of the last century (along with transistors and integrated circuits).  Hard to imagine any other alum having a more widespread impact than Shannon.  I try to get people to read books like "The Information" all the time just to try and spread the word.


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I like Stephen ross.. and who was the allstate guy who gushed over giving us the sugar bowl trophy? also like darren criss on glee.. he was in my class

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Scott & Rick Rechsteiner. They were WWF Tag Team Champions at one point and always wore their varsity jackets to the ring.

Pro wrestling is considered entertainment so I guess this counts. To my knowledge they're the only Wolverine grapplers who became pro wrestlers.

If you haven't seen this video of Steiner wearing a #77 Michigan jersey with girls waving Michigan flags in Columbus at the wrestling show, it's must-see. He "attacks" Brutus when he comes down the ramp right into the video and beats up a buckeye fan towards the end.

The whole shoot is him trashing ohio. It's great.


Scott Steiner beats up a fan by Stinger1981


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they were pretty good guys.  scotty wrestled at 177, a bit taller than robbie.  robbie was going to wrestle at 191, but during the end of our freshmen year he started eating dianabol like fat chicks eat m & m's - thus he was a super heavyweight by sophomore year.  we teased him about his very tiny huevos due to the juice.   he had a short fuse though, and i could get a big group of guys started toward the door and one would mouth off and then BINGO robbie was on them like a cheap suit, throwing bodies around.   i was never shy when bouncing, but even less so with robbie.