Favorite Nik and Glenn moments

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Some of these are obvious, such as vs Florida and the 2nd half explosion vs MSU for Nik, and the game winner vs Purdue for Glenn. I was wondering if anybody had some off-the-radar moments that stick out for them. I have a couple.

For Nik, some of my favorite moments come from his freshman year non-conference schedule. At this point he was still kind of an unknown entity, all we really knew about him was what we had seen from various Youtube clips, such as him making 3 after 3 or tearing up Baylor while still in high school. He was a tall, gangly white kid who mostly stood in the left corner and never ever missed threes. He was shooting something ridiculous like 60% from 3, and it just added to the whole WOW HOW TALENTED IS THIS TEAM feeling that we all had early that season. Every home game, his left corner would be right in front of the other team's bench in the 1st half, and he'd inevitably make one or two and turn around and stare the other team's bench down before running back on defense. That was pretty fun.

For Glenn, one off the radar moment I'll remember was his freshman year when we played Penn State at home. He had like 5 or 6 dunks that game, and I think at least 3 or 4 of them were alley-oops. We knew he was pretty athletic before that game, but after that we knew we had something special. There also was a sequence in the game at Minnesota that season when Nik had a pretty big dunk, and then Glenn had his 360 back to back. That was cool.

One way off the radar moment I have for the both of them was at the very end of the Florida game in the Elite 8. All of the starters had been pulled, and it was obvious we had won. Matt Vogrich pulled up for a fast break three and cashed it. They showed a shot of the bench and both Nik and Glenn were going absolutely insane for Matt. Both guys were always in it for the team and the program, never for themselves. Both guys sacrificed a lot for Michigan (especially Glenn), and I'll always be appreciative of that. I can't wait to watch both guys play in the NBA and represent the university well. 

Any other moments?



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This is easy for me:

- Glenn's first round NCAA tournament game in 2013, where he hit everything and put the other team (South Dakota St.?) away.

- Nik's performance against Florida in the Elite 8 that same year.

Overall, Nik had a lot more memorable moments this year - the Illinois game was his best. 


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The between the legs step-back 3-pt dagger @ Wisconsin. Absolutely cold blooded. Or the long 3 at the end of the first half against Illinois and then staring down the Orange Crush as he walked by. 


As for GRIII, the 360 dunk @ Minny last year....or his dunk @ MSU that seemed to hang in the air FOREVER......oh heck, I'll just remember him for his dunks!


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Nik hits a 3 vs State this year at home and forces a timeout because Crisler is losing its mind.  His mom (seen on TV) quips, "He's mad now"

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Nik's GTFOYC (get the f--- off your court) moment at MSU, and the entire E8 game v Florida last year. Never thought we could win a Regional title without so much as breaking a sweat, and he was responsible for it


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The tournament is so much more memorable, so I think this should be divided into categories: One favorite moment from the regular season, one from the tournament.


Tournament: His first half three terror against Florida has to be his signature moment here. We have this guy to thank for giving us that "holy shit we're going to the Final Four!" feeling before the MIDDLE of an Elite 8 game.

Regular season: I know many will say the second half of MSU this year, but I have a different one. In his freshman season we had consecutive possessions at home in that Iowa blowout where he had a blow-by dunk and a crossover/finger-roll drive (which famously made Gus Johnson let out an "ooooh!"). To me, that was the moment when it was clear we had a potentially VERY special player here. People talk about how astonishing his sophomore growth was. I for one was not surprised. He flashed that he had all the goods last year.



Tournament: His epic wrap-around lay-up that cut the Kansas lead to three last year. This set up the foul on Johnson, his one-and-one miss and then Trey's The Shot to force OT. I don't think people realize how big this play was by Glenn. When he did that, we went from scrambling and desperate to having a realistic shot.

Regular season: His alley-oop dunk that Nik threw up in the waning minutes of the MSU game this year. The crazy majestic height he got on his vertical for these lobs is the signature image of GR3 at Michigan, and he really got up here. When he threw this down, you knew we weren't just beating Sparty, we were kicking their ass.


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Glen - GR360!! And breaking the heart of his dad's old school was priceless! 

Nik - Illinois game this year was awesome, I proclaimed on Twitter he would drop 30 (didn't quite get there, but had a hell of a game and tied his career mark).

And this T-shirt


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all of his dunks... whites men can jump...

for glenn, the 360 against minny for sure... but i will always love the dunk against VCU last year when the guy grabbed his jersey to try and slow him down, and that didn't even work...


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Nik: 3 PT barrage vs Florida

Glenn: While it wasnt his "moment" his rap around layup after a o rebound vs Kansas was probably the biggest play he made in his UM career.

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Stauskas blowing kisses to breslin crowd after beating them and him gutting the Gators in the Elite Eight.

GRIII's game-winner over purdue. No doubt. Has the storyline behind as well.


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Stauskas: @Wisconsin, @Illinois, @ Staee this year. Illinois especially because the student section was giving him so much shit.

GR3: Every dunk he has had as a wolverine

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This is not really a specific moment, but more, a collective effort. Last years Syracuse game, final 4. Jordan Morgan running down the court with seconds left, and stuffing it through the hoop. In all of the excitement I grabbed my 10 year old son, raised him into the air in celebration and put his head through the ceiling. Thank God we live in an older house with a false, drop down ceiling in the living room, or this memory wouldn't be so happy. And NO, he was not hurt! I felt like the worst dad on the planet, trust me! He loves Michigan Basketball to the core but tends to sit across the room from me in close games now....Thanks for the memories Nik, GRIII and JMO!

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There isn't any one particular moment for either of them with me.

Stauskas: Going all-world against Florida and making Donovan's team look like a bunch of chumps. That ice-cold 3 pt shot at Wisconsin to put the game away. Blowing kisses to the mongrel hordes within Breslin. Watching him get insanely pumped up after banking yet another 3 against MSU at home this year. That go-ahead 3 against OSU last year that sent Crisler into a raging fury.

GRIII: 360 dunk against Minnesota last year, having the half of his life against #1 ranked Arizona and shutting a lot of people up, bringing the house down against MSU this year with that beautiful alley-oop from Stauskas and essentially putting the game away. I know I'm forgetting some but oh well.

Damn happy to have had these guys in a Michigan uniform. They represented the school and the program well. Although I selfishly wished they could've stayed, I don't blame them for leaving for one second. Go chase the dream, fellas. You've earned it.

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The StausKISS was insanely great. I love how MSU fans thought it to be classless, but they would have loved to see one of their players do it in Ann Arbor even if Nik had not done it first. They were just salty sons of bitches.


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That one time Nik hit several threes in a game

And for GRIII, either the time he had a big dunk or the time he could magically hit any shot from 1 ft inside the 3 pt line...but never outside it

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One was Nik losing his shoe and throwing it into a sea of Cameron Crazies. I'll never forget that. I thought that was hilarious and a very me thing to do. Also at one point during his Frosh season, Nik went through a bit of a shooting slump. I forget against who, but he came alive. I remember him turning around after knocking a 3 down and I could read his lips as he said "I'm baaaack!" His barrages against OSU last year and MSU this year, both at home and both games I attended, will be performances I'll remember for the rest of my life.

For GRIII, I'll never forget how much of a warrior spirit he displayed in the waning minutes of the Kentucky game. He wasn't to be denied, hitting clutch shot after clutch three. Obviously the Purdue moment and the Minny 360 stick out in my mind like it has with many others.


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Halfway through this season I had a feeling Nik would go pro. I purposely bought tickets to the Minnesota and Indiana game because I wanted to be sure to see his last games at Crisler (Even know it wasn't a foregone conclusion he would leave).  I didn't go just to see Nik, though. I wanted to see JMo's last game, too.