FATHEAD Stadium Mural Finally!!!

Submitted by This is Michigan on September 24th, 2010 at 7:10 PM

It was just a matter of time (until renovations were completed), but the Fathead Michigan Stadium Mural is Finally Here!!

Here is the description via fathead.com

About Michigan Stadium: Nicknamed "The Big House", Michigan Stadium was built in 1927 with an original capacity of 72,000. After the most recent extensive renovation, Michigan Stadium now has an official capacity of 109,901, making it the largest stadium in the United States. On September 4, 2010, the Wolverines played the Connecticut Huskies and the attendance was 113,090, which set the modern attendance record in college football history.




It appears that this is a photo from the Connecticut game. Hopefully this is just one angle of many that they will have in stock because I personally think they cut us short on this one.  I would much rather have a daylight aerial photo than the half-hearted photo you see below. The aerial photo will at least have the student section block M and would obviously include the whole stadium. Nonetheless, it still looks great and will look great in any bar. I can't wait for a night version after the lights are put in.

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I still think Fatheads are about the most obnoxious thing ever invented, except maybe for those hats with the beer-can holders and tubes that allow the wearer to drink.  But this Fathead could actually be okay, if deployed in the right spot.

New Carr

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1)  To those of you who have been to the stadium this year, is it noticeably louder than prior to the construction?  I ask this because while it would seem inevitable that building the towers up would hold noise in, the layout is so wide and spread out that it seems as though it will never be vertical enough to concentrate noise. 

2)  Would building up the ends of the stadium where the screens are planned to be installed help to trap in more noise?


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1. Yes, it's noticeably louder.  Certain occaisions you can hear sound echoing off the sides, from what I can tell.   Supposedly some engineers analyzed the difference between previous and current structures and claimed it would get 30% louder once the structures were complete.

2.  I'm pretty sure it would, but honestly I hope all they do is put up new scoreboards.  The stadium is loud enough now...  louder would get uncomfortable to me.



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Growing up we had seats in section 11, row 74. I liked it because you entered the stadium and turned left. No steps required. The opponent's fans sat 50 to 73 rows down. It was always fun seeing them trudge up the stairs after a loss. I also like seeing the plays develop from the end zones. It's much easier to see the holes than from the sideline camera view you get on television. Thank goodness the XFL gave us the overhead, behind the QB shot. Yes, it was good for two things, the other being cheerleaders of questionable morality.