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Denard, on which long run of his career is his favorite: "The next one."


Take a minute today and cherish the young man who represents the University of Michigan at quarterback.

We're all going to miss you, lace.  



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Upon accepting his second Super Bowl MVP trophy, Tom Brady told the story yesterday of Jon Falk, the popular equipment manager at his alma mater, Michigan. Falk has collected so many rings that he's always asked, "Which is your favorite?"


His standard response: "The next one."


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That's a good question though... what do y'all think?  That one last saturday was one of the most impressive, since he did a little shaking and baking, while outrunning defenders.  The most memorable to me was the big run at ND two years ago, probably because that was his coming out party in my eyes.


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As far as I can calculate, Denard only needs 450 yards rushing to take first spot in most yards rushing by a QB (overtake Pat White's 4,480 yards).  Tremendous!!




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Backed up deep in our own end, down by 5, with under a minute to play, Denard is flushed from the pocket, fakes a throw to get the onrushing LB into the air, and then goes around and through the entire OSU defense for the winning TD. The lamentation of the Columbus women can be heard clearly on national TV.

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Notre Dame, 2010, 87 yard run to go up 21-7. Denard's had a lot of great moments, but that was the man's coming out party. That run essentially solidified his status as a household name in the college football world.

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Western Michigan.  The whole world lined up against Michigan football.  Mark Snyder of the Free Press having predicted a Michigan loss that day.

Denard in the shotgun.  His first play on the field in Michigan Stadium.  Takes the snap from center, drops the ball, and promptly runs for a touchdown.  There would be other touchdowns, other great runs, other big games.  But this, the first, was incomparable. 


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My favorite Denard run was the long TD vs Bowling Green with the 87-yarder against ND being a close second.

On another note, I got the opportunity to meet him at Black Homecoming this past weekend!