Family place to eat before/after Maryland v M hoops in College Park, MD?

Submitted by GoBlueGladstone on January 17th, 2018 at 1:57 PM


Embarassingly enough, I live in DC along with countless guys I went to school with and have gotten to know over the years. We've tailgated at College Park since I am told they are a Big Ten school. But I've never gone to a hoops game and have no idea where to park myself and my 7 year old daughter before or after the game for some wings and beers. Lil' help, colleagues? Closer to the Comcast thingy stadium/campus the better but whatever works.

Go Blue!!



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We ate at RJ Bentley's before walking over to the football stadium this year.  Was a great atmosphere with many football games on-Typical American bar food.  Right on the edge of campus so the short walk to the stadium made for a nice time.


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re parking but not a place to eat, many bball game attendees park on the highway shoulder.  it's allowed for games.  it's weird because at first you'll see hundreds of cars parked on the highway right next to no parking signs, but eventually you'll hit cops directing you to the highway shoulder.  that's the best place to park for bball games and you'll be able to get out quickly. 


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Mission Barbeque, if you are a barbeque fan. About a mile from campus, just of the highway. Great supporter of our Troops. Family ate there on vacation last summer.


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There is one in front of the school campus! I parked there 3 years ago when we played the Maryland football game and their Sprites are like no other restaurant.


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Potomac Pizza has absolutely outstanding pizza, wings, etc 7777 Baltimore Avenue, College Park Maryland, 20740. (240) 582-5242. We have eaten there and definitely recommended it. Best of all, owned by a UM family with a current UM student! If you bump into the owners, tell ‘em VanBluegens sent you!