Fake Buckeye Alert: Craig Krenzel

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From Sporting News Radio this morning, Krenzel didn't exactly shower Tressel's funeral pyre with flowers:

  • “Coach Tressel has to look in the mirror,” Krenzel said. “He has to hang his hat on it. Our football coach got caught holding a smoking gun in his hand.”

  • “He was obviously flawed,” Krenzel said. “Maybe he wasn’t as good or perfect, especially that Buckeyes fans wanted him to be or pictured him to be.”

  • “People are disgusted, disappointed. Frankly we’re embarrassed by it more than anything.”
  • “I do think it is going to get worse,” Krenzel said. “This situation is ugly and it’s going to get uglier.”

Good for you, Craig.  Now run and hide. 





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It's quite evident Krenzel wasn't born and raised in Ohio as a Buckeye fan.

Good for him.  I'm glad to know he's embarrassed and disgusted by Tressel's actions and not afraid to say so.

Bluer than yue

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I went to the same high school as Krenzel, he's a very smart smart and approachable guy, not surprised at all to hear him say this. At least there is one clear thinking Buckeye, probably because he's from Michigan.


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Kraig must have been hanging out with Ray Small recently. /s Either that or being from Michigan finally made him "see the light." /s

Edit: WAY too slow with my "state of Michigan" comment.


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"It'll get out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it"

/sorry i've been reading the edsbs message boards too much lately

Section 1

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This thread appears to take the view that Krenzel has finally turned on OSU and is condemning Tressel.  I'm not at all sure that that is a fair characterization.

On Tressel:

“The person I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with was not the man that people see right now.”

As for the descriptive "disgust":

Krenzel said he didn’t think Ohio State fans were necessarily angry at Tressel or quarterback Terrelle Pryor.

“I think it’s more disgusted,” Krenzel said. “People are disgusted, disappointed. Frankly we’re embarrassed by it more than anything.”

But Krenzel does lay into the Tat 5 & Company:

Krenzel said the current players deserve blame for what has happened.

“It’s a different generation,” Krenzel said. “What was a great opportunity at Ohio State … that’s all been forgotten. In my opinion, it’s turned into coming in as a freshman [and thinking] ‘what can I get?’ It’s disappointing to see all around the country, not just Ohio State, what college football is turning into.

“Guys come in with this sense of entitlement and a screwed up set of priorities. Part of the blame is on them.”

And finally, Krenzel does NOT say that he predicts more allegations, etc.:


Krenzel said he doesn’t believe any more allegations will surface at Ohio State, but that doesn’t make the future outlook any better.

“I do think it is going to get worse,” Krenzel said. “This situation is ugly and it’s going to get uglier.”


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I've tried to support you. I really have.  But you've lost me.  Not everything is an example of people ripping things out of context to go all William Randolph Hearst-meets-Snidely Whiplash on a poor unsuspecting target.  Fisk fisking? Fisk fisking:

As for the descriptive "disgust":

Krenzel said he didn’t think Ohio State fans were necessarily angry at Tressel or quarterback Terrelle Pryor.

Did you read the part before the Pryor part? He was talking about both Pryor AND TRESSEL.

But Krenzel does lay into the Tat 5 & Company

I never said he did. So while he did say that the players deserve part of the blame, he also blames Tressel. This is unlike many Bucknuts, who seem to think that this was ALL about the players, and that Tressel was the poor escape goat.

Krenzel does NOT say that he predicts more allegations, etc.

Where did I say he did? All I was suggesting was that, unlike many in Buckeye Nation, he does not think the resignation will result in happy times, free candy, and attractive strippers for all.


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Krenzel is not a fake buckeye for saying how he truly feels about the situation. He was the starting qb on a NC team but you have to remember he was a Cooper recruit, none of them seem to high on Tressel.


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Krenzel is one of the smartest Buckeyes to play there in the last 20 years, maybe longer.


I liked him before this, like him more now.  Refreshing to hear this versus the standard party line of what a great man Tressel is from people like Herbie/Spielman.


by the way listen to their voices, you can hear it, they don't really believe the BS their saying themselves, just playing the party line.

The Barwis Effect

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Now he just got done debunking "but everybody does it" meme. This guy is making too much sense. You can tell that he spent his formative years in the Great Lakes State.


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I've heard him several times, and he never pulls any punches.  He was extremely disturbed by Tressel not suspending either Boone or Worthington for their DUIs.  He was very critical of him for basically setting a precedent that if you're a starter, DUIs don't really matter.


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I've always sensed that OSU faithful were always a little annoyed that the QB for their NC-winning squad was a Michigander, and my guess is that they'll use this as an excuse to redirect the hate train.  What he said is all true, and I agree with him that kids will start to come clean once the media starts digging deeper into just what memorabilia was found at those tattoo parlors.


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If Buckeye fans turn on Krenzel, that's just sick! The guy helped lead them to a national title, and while he was mostly a game manager, he did have some pretty big plays that lead them to the national title. The pass against Purdue, and at one point, I think he had as many yards in the NC game as Clarrett did running the football. 

Glad to see some of the former Buckeye players call the situation as it is.



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How did Krenzel get away? Did we not offer him?

I know he is part of the same class ('99) as Navarre and, um, Mignery.


June 1st, 2011 at 8:28 PM ^

Krenzel wasn't really highly recruited out of high school. There was also some guy named Henson on our roster who had Carr promise not to really recruit any studs before or after him. 

Krenzel was initially third team that year, but someone either got injured or quit (I think it was the latter), and then Bellasari decided to pick up a DUI and that gave Craig the starting job against Michigan. 

In the end, John Navarre beat him in Ann Arbor in 2003. 


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You really want to reduce their careers to one game? Krenzel was far more accomplished than Navarre.

He actually was a better quarterback than he was given credit for. When asked to be more than a game manager, he could sling it around the field. In 2003, Tressel didn't take the wraps off his offense until we were up 21-0. I seem to remember Krenzel being very productive from that point until he got hurt.