Ezekiel Elliott cited for crash

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DAMMIT...beaten to the punch.  


I did a search and didn't see this...but,

Ezekiel Elliott was involved in a car crash Sunday before the team left for their bowl game.  Elliott was cited as the driver at fault.  I'm sure more about this will come out as time goes by...

Link:  http://michigan.247sports.com/Bolt/Report-Elliott-cited-for-crash-driving-with-suspended-license-42316686


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Is it just me, or has the 4-team playoff made news like this much less impactful as it would have been a few years ago? Obviously Peppers' news still impacts me as he plays for Michigan and I want Michigan to win their bowl game. But this news is basically a big yawn for me as I'm more or less rooting for the asteroid in the OSU/ND bowl game.


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Ezekiel Elliott will already be a former Ohio State player who is has chosen to forego his senior year. 

If he thinks about suspending Elliott for more than 3 consecutive seconds I would be shocked.

He only has to make it through 4 days of saying, "I can't comment on this pending legal matter until all the facts are released."


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Hate to say it, but this just makes me yawn.

Urban cannot control every second of these guys' lives and it would be creepy if he could.  

People make bad decisions, just some of us aren't put up to scrutiny every time we make a bad one.  


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but driving with a suspended licence is an indicator of a series of bad decisions.  It's also a good example of a history of players under Meyer that consistently make bad decisions.  

Not to say we haven't had our share of them, but it really does feed the 'circle of trust' or disciplinary problems that have plagued Meyer for longer than he's been at osu.

The Mad Hatter

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when I was about his age.  I had a total of 14 points, all of them for speeding, at one time.  Now I only speed on the expressway where I'm less likely to get caught.

When my license was suspended (a month each time IIRC), I drove anyway.  Had to get to work and class somehow.


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I'm really curious about why his license was suspended in the first place. Never heard the Columbus media mentioning that story. It's possible they covered it and I just missed it.


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Used to work with him at a major law firm; now the guy (smartly) is a sports writer for NBC.

So cool to see people taking different paths and succeding!