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I was perusing the web today and came across this gem.  I know we have a lot of Game of Thrones fans around here so I figured I would post this.  Video is pretty cool (dub step is meh though) and I think I am seriously going to have to go to one of these Medieval Times places.  Has anyone been to one?

PS.  If you like the show, for the love of god read the books.



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I too am a Game of Thrones fan, and was just the other day thinking how appropriate it would be to go back to a Medieval Times to scratch the itch between now and April (when Season 3 starts). It's not cheap but they put on a great show- I'd definitely recommend going.


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I made the horrible mistake of reading Game of Thrones when it first came out.  The books are so good,  it makes the wait between them agony.  At least I can watch the shows as I wait for the next book release.  


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At least you didn't read the books at the same time as the show. I started and finished Clash of Kings during season 2 so when I watched the show I noticed a lot of cool little details missing. The book is way better in almost every facet but the show is still enjoyable. The last scene of the season finale with the Others was a big improvement on the book however.


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I watched the show first and then read the first two books before the start of the second season.  Like you said, you notice all of the things they leave out or change, although I will admit some are for the better.  However, what they did to the battle for King's Landing on the show almost made me swear off the show forever.


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They did the best they could with the budget they had. If you read the interviews the producers / creators have done regarding that, you'd understand that they had to beg HBO to give them more money just to do the Battle of Blackwater Bay (which I think they nailed, imo). All in all, when you look at the things they've left out of the series, it's all been for the good of the show. When you hold the show to the same standards as the book, you'll always leave yourself disappointed, but that's been the case with any visual adaptation of any book ever. I think they've done a splendid job.


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The plan is apparently to be done with the last book and have it released before the start of season 7 on HBO, so that is 5 more years to finish the last 2 books.  Apparently the HBO producers know the major plot points of the end of the story, so they can finish the series if he pulls a Robert Jordan.  As it stands right now, he has said he will only do 7 books...but who knows. 


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Word is they're taking the next book and splitting it into two seasons. Which means they'll probably do the same with later books.

Odds are the cost of the show and cast will get too great before they can even finish up the story anyway, since they're only renewing it on a season by season basis.

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I read the first 4 books 7 years ago... by the time DwD came out I had to start all over again because I forgot most of what happened.


I watched the first season on HBO and hated most of it.  The direwolves are my favorite part of the books and they don't do shit in the show.


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Any Game of Thrones fan should check out these parodies. There is one for every episode of the show. Old Nan is one of my favorites: " I could tell you a story about two dirty midgets that stole a ring."


Anyone who likes Medieval Times should check out the Michigan Renaissance Festival. I thought the jousting/fighting, food and overall atmosphere were all a notch above the restaurant. Plus you get a nice mix of local and national beers (magic hat and Great Lakes brewing Co.) or mead, if that's your thing. Not a bad way to spend a day and if your already going to do it, might as well go full dork and go to the Renfest.