Extended McDowell Signing Day Drama

Submitted by JeepinBen on February 5th, 2014 at 1:02 PM

According to TomVH on twitter Malik McDowell has yet to sign and send in his LOI. It's been publicized that Malik wants to attend to MSU (and announced State during a ceremony this morning) but his parents (specifically his mother) don't think that MSU is the best place for him. Tom's latest tweet (@TomVH)

"There is definite drama with the Malik McDowell situation. HS coach doesn't know ehn he'll send it (sic) in letter of intent"

I'm a bit torn here. There's obviously something going on with this young man and his family that involves a huge life choice. However, possible SPARTY NO on NSD just after star rankings started to matter?



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If just dad did it after all the protest from mom that one signature could harm their family dynamic for a really long time. 

I don't think we have enough information to be talking in this thread about what they should or should not let him do.  Obviously people (even under aged) should be able to activly make or at least be involved in the choices that shape their lives, but there are all sorts of reasons that 17 year olds aren't considered legally independant and 18 year olds who are independant can harm themselves doing things they wouldn't have considered years later.


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really want a guy who really does not want to be there, regardless of his skills and abilities?  I don't see how that would end up good.  It's obvious at this point he needs his parents signature to sign, and they are dragging their feet because they do not want him to go to MSU.  Not good.


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I would typically agree with you, but I think a player can fall in love with a University. I"m almost postive that Trey Burke would have rather been a Buckeye than a Wolverine when he picked a school. Now he is all Maize and Blue and I and every other Michigan fan is glad that Ohio didn't offer him. 

With that said, I think this situation is a State of Michigan problem not a Michigan State problem. I don't care where he ends up. I just care about watching the kids that choose to be Wolverines. 


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I generally agree, but, how many high school seniors were heart-set on attending Boulder or Arizona State, only to have their parents refuse to allow them (knowing their reasoning wasn't sound)...

Obviously, this situation is very different (considering the No. 1 in-state defensive player wants to play at the nation's No. 1 defense even if "missing class" or party atmosphere is his motiviation); but still, the parents think they are intervening for good reasons.

Unless, of course, it's to get the $250,000 that Urban promised them......


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All this reminds me that there seems to be a case about once a year of a kid trying to attend one school but parents preventing him from submitting paperwork. Anyone remember recent cases of this and where those guys ended up? I'm always kind of curious who wins out in those struggles, given that the kid literally needs a guardian to sign off on it.


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Don't know the answer to your question but as far as I'm aware the parents are only able to delay the process a bit. An LOI is not required to receive a scholarship. So he can enroll in the school and receive his scholarship when he's admitted whether he has signed an LOI or not. This is assuming the program has an open scholarship to give of course.


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That's my understanding. I wonder about the 18 thing too doesn't really make sense to me either. I wonder if it's a rule so that they don't have to figure out who is under 18 and who is over 18. Just make it a blanket rule to make it easier on themselves (programs or the NCAA?).


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Interesting, so does that mean even if he is accepted and enrolls at MSU his parents could keep him from getting a scholarship by not signing the paperwork (unlikely but in theory)? That's not how I understood it but I'm probably wrong then if it's in the bylaws.


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You have to sign the financial aid agreement (can't remember if parents have to sign that), but you don't have to sign a letter of intent. I know of 2-3 athletes who didn't ever sign for various reasons.There are two different documents with different purposes.


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Last year it was Alex Collins' mother refusing to sign his LOI to Arkansas. That case was even weirder, though, since he apparently did not even live with her, and lived with his coach. But she wanted him to go to Miami. I don't know how long it took to get resolved, but it looks like he ended up at Arkansas.


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This might be the most widely known case, his mother is a huge LSU fan and wanted him there, he picked Alabama. He eventually ended up at Alabama.

Note: His brother (Gerold Willis III) had a similar case this year at the UA Game where he picked Florida over LSU.


Mr Miggle

February 5th, 2014 at 1:15 PM ^

if it was about a kid wanting to go to LSU, Alabama or some other program known for cutting players? Would his parents be criticized for insisting he go to a school that offers a guaranteed four year scholarship like Michigan or OSU? Either way, it would involve parents trying to look ahead and see what's in their son's best interest?


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The parents need to let the kid go where he wants to go. That being said, this sad, vaguely sleazy melodrama is fitting for Sparty. There's something off about this.

Mr. Yost

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And I don't want a kid who doesn't want to be here.

I'm sure he's holding off as his parents are pleading for him to attend OSU or FSU as the compromise to not attending Michigan.

I wish the kid the best, I really do. I hope he and his parents can get on the same page and he goes to college, is productive and gets a degree. But this is OT as far as I'm concerned.

Even if his parents somehow MADE him go to Michigan I wouldn't celebrate. Not knowing that HE doesn't want to be at Michigan.

Sure he's got great tools and great size...but that doesn't mean SHIT on the football field if your heart isn't into it.

My guess is that this drags on for a few days.