The "Experts" on ESPNU

Submitted by teldar on August 30th, 2010 at 7:29 PM

The wife and dtr are out of town for the week, so it's just me and the d.o.g. So I was watching some TV trying to pass the evening. 

A show called The Experts comes on. I see it's about CFB so i figure I would watch a little. Well.

They have a segment on Michigan.

All I can say is that if these people are experts at anything it's being ill informed. All they do is spout off  their opinions without any rational thought to back themselves up. 



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That would be correct. Had I intended to make the statement towards Lumberjack, I would have clicked the beautiful blue reply button that would have shifted my post a little to the right.

Oh btw, this is a reply to mtzlblk (sorry, had to ensure it was clear enough).


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I saw it too. They are very out of touch on there opinions of RichRod's job status. When the guy named danny said that RR needed an "exceptional season" to stay I was floored by his idiocy. Luiginbill was actually quite spot-on though.


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I'm watching it too.

About half the guys (Schad and others) think RR needs a 8+ win season to stay.

The other half (Belotti, Luginbil, etc) think RR will be the coach next year and that he only needs 6-7 to ensure that happening.

The frustrating thing is that they aren't consistent across teams. They say having 3 QBs isnt a problem for some teams, but then rip on Mich for not having announced a starter. 

They say it takes 3+ years to install a new system at a school, but say that RR is the wrong fit and needs to go ASAP.

Luginbil did say however, that if RR is allowed to stay for a couple years he will "flip the Big Ten on its head." Which would obviously make me very happy.


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It's pretty pathetic really that he's developed a reputation for being "the most powerful voice in the SEC" or whatever they say. He's basically a UA groupie, as Bill points out. His show features some of the stupidest people I've ever heard -- like Jerry Springer almost.


I'm afraid the level of discourse surrounding the Bama program is not particularly high. I'm not really a Penn State fan, but I would love for them to beat Alabama in their newly renovated stadium.


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It sure may be an unpopular opinion, but there is definitely good college football analysis on ESPN; it all depends on who you are listening to.  Cowherd is a blowhard, and no amount of UofM slappiness on his part will make me change my mind.  SVP and Ryen Russillo have a good grasp of what is going on, imo, and don't hop on many bandwagons – positive or negative.


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This is why I say Michigan will surprise a lot of people.  It amazes me when I watch ESPN Gameday and other "experts" talk about Michigan.  I come away thinking, "Are they talking about the same team I read about and research every day?"  They are soooo off on their projections.  That's ok; let's "fly under the radar" and show everyone who the real Michigan football team is!!


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I like the underdog role, but I also love when the mainstream gets all over the story in a positive way.  For example, how everything was sunshine and roses after the ND game last year. 

At what point this year do you think everybody will realize that Michigan is fielding a powerful team this year?  I think another 4 - 0 start might do it, but it might invite lots of "well, they started 4 - 0 last year and look how that turned out" comments. 

My hope: after we knock off Iowa, people realize that Michigan is back.


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Brandon states overall state of the program, direction, everything.

What I take out of that is Rich has to right the ship this yr with wins/losses and keep all the negative bs out.  Ie no more self created negative bs. 

Ncaa ruling will also be the other half of this equation imo.  Nothing more damaging and everything is good.  Anything else and it's over, jmo. 


Super J

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Phil Steele was on "the herd" today and said it best Michigan will have 8 wins and play LSU in the gator bowl.  As you know, he is one of the best at predicting the out come of the season.  I will take his opinion over that of Joe Schad or Danny Kanell's opinions.


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I believe that if he doesn't have an 8 win season, RR is gone!! The Alumni, I feel,still aren't totally sold on him,and you know and I know that as fans there are a lot of us that are nervous about  our "Wolverine Reputation" in the college "elite" ranks. I personally wanted Carr gone, not that I hated him, but I Michigan to be mentioned with the other programs in the BCS discussion,which Carr kept falling short of (plus the Tressel record).

RR needs 8 wins and one of those has to be down in Columbus or else he will be accused that he doesn't get it (Cooper). That might be true if that intensity doesn't show and you have the quiet whispers  by fans and alumni ,of that other coach out west ,at an academic school, that is a "Son of Schembechler" (just like Tressel was to Woody) waiting to come home and make his announcement on how many days there are til Michigan and Ohio St. meet, just like Tressel did, because he understood it.

I want RR to succeed, I saw what his system and players did to Oklahoma, but he needs to know what Michigan means not just to the fans, but to the nation. Oh yeah, we also don't want to become Notre Dame,which I think lingers in the back of the minds of fans also.......


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Pundits are going to pund, Imma going to ignore them all, we are inside a week!

After the season, I think I am going to recommend to MSC that the university hire someone to make all these decisions. She could pick some snazzy term like Athletic Director.


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I watched as well and thought that pretty accurately summed up the opinions on this board.

About half of them said RR needs 8 wins to remain (terrible record, sanctions, etc.) and the other half said that he "needs more time to have his players to run his system".  


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The BIG football issue came out this weekend.  HS, CFB, NFL.  Pretty good reading until you get to the Big TEN segment.  They actually pick UM #6 and PSU #7.  The problem was reading the opinion.  Was as if they only thing this guy knew about the Maize and Blue was what he had read for the last year in the Freep.  Read more like a personal attack on RR than analysis.  Called him a "slick talker that belonged in the SEC" or something like that.  What!  Anyway, lets just the game on against UCONN and start a real discussion.


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Whenever I hear anything from a source that involves the words ESPN in some way I just ignore it. Seriously the people they have working there surprise me how ill informed they are everyday.