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FTR, it is pretty easy to put in a link that works. On the bar above the comment section (when you are composing a thread), there is a icon of a chain (with a blue globe above the chain). The icon is third from the right. Click on this icon, and paste in the link. And you have a link embedded in your thread! If you really want to be fancy, you can type out the link name (for instance, "Big Blue Brotherhood" or something like that). Highlight the link name in the body of the comment. Then click on the link/chain icon (again, third from the right). Paste in the link, and it will automatically be active with the name you have put in the body of the text.

If this explanation is clear as mud (i.e., unclear), there are plenty of tutorials you can find on how to make your threads and posts pretty.

Blue Noise

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Man, would that be a huge boost if Jordan turns into the 3rd major Glasgow contributor, considering we are headed towards a safety cliff with Wilson graduating, Hill and Thomas (shakes fist at Hoke) graduating next year, and Peppers probably gone after next year.
Hopefully he is the next coming of Kovacs and this article isn't mere puffery.

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