Every Bar in the State of Ohio is SOLD OUT!

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As a Michigan fan you can't ask for a better day than this! Michigan kicks the shit out of somebody and Ohio State is no longer in the top 10 possibly 25! Glorious day to be a Michigan fan living behind enemy lines! I can tell you I couldn't stop laughing today after I turned the radio onto 97.1 THE FAN home of Buckeye football and Mike and the gang were PISSED. But as I continued to listen it really showed me what the true colors of Buckeye fans are. FIRE TRESSEL BENCH PRYOR FIRE THE OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR! It was all really pathetic but the thing that pissed me off the most was when he said "we are becoming Michigan football." Mike FUCK YOU. If there is a team that has made the biggest improvement in the NCAA world it is the Michigan Wovlerines so 97.1 can KISS MY ASS AND OURS. But the whole thing is just rediculous here. Everyone is acting as if it's the last day on earth. MY GOD get over it! It's an F ing game for god's sake. But if you don't live in enemy territory like I do well you would have no idea how demoralized these fans are. Tonight they are skipping the beer and hitting the hard liquor tonight. Shots all around down in the Shoe! And I'm loving every minute of it!



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ha... expect no less from the Ohio faithful.

their fan base in general has plenty of ignorant jokes running around. believe me when i say this, most all Buckeye fans have no idea why they hate Michigan except that they just do.

i had the good fortune of growing up in Ohio during Michigan domination in the 90's, and boy do i miss those days. their fans are the absolute worst ive ever come across in the history of sports, and ive been all over the country.


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...but, wait until we face them before talking trash to them. You know, so it doesn't backfire. I'm pretty sure they'll bring their best to The Game.


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I live in Toledo, and i can not wait till tomorrow morning to hear the local radio shows talk about the same shit you just said. After ever loss, ohio state fans will call out everyone on their coaching staff and team. In fact when i stopped by my parents house after the game today, i grew up in a split home, my mom was already calling for Tressel's and Pryor's heads. I also received a text from my huge ohio state friend before i ever heard of the upset saying, "Fuck Pryor."

I have really learned, especially through the Cleveland Cavs, that ohio fans are the biggest fair-weather fans ever.


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Good point.

I just can't get over Indians and Cavs fans though. The Indians were great during the 90's and everyone and their brother in Ohio was a huge Indians fan. During the 90's you could not pay someone to be a Cav fan, but as soon as lebron came to town you have people saying they have been Cavs fans their entire lives. I have seen examples of both of these from my own friends, and i just find it annoying as hell.


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I'm not ashamed to say I'm an Indians fan. I live in Atlanta and I took my medicine like a man when the Braves beat us in '95...I went to all of the games in Atlanta with my Indians gear on and I got berated from the 1st pitch to the last.

I hate fair-weather fans and it warms my heart to see Bucks fans eating their young up in C-Bus right now...


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Live in Mi. work in Toledo. I too have to put up with the tosu fanbase. My ass hat family members that are Buckeyes came up with the typical "Well at least we played a real team" bull shit. I then pointed out that Purdue may be the 2nd worst team in the Big 10 and were 1-4. For the first time in years they shut up and had no other stupid APPY ST. comebacks. Can't wait til Monday morning at work.

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This probably isnt breaking any new ground or anything in that vein but Ive noticed that fanbases that have been spoiled by a high level of success for a number of years generally become quite prone to being fair-weatherized. Re: Booing Henne two years ago.

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I grew up in Ohio. North of the turnpike generally holds some reasonable people (Former mayor Jane Campbell is a UM alum). Everything south of the pike is Kentucky. That is an insult to Kentucky. I grew up in Ohio and got the hell out as soon as I could, and never went back. I guarantee you, the state is abso-bloody-lutely inconsolable right now. I love it.


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They all feel that OSU is the premier football team. I live in Cleveland (moved from Michigan five years ago) I call it Columbus North. They embrace OSU simply because the Browns are awful. If you ever get a chance to listen to talk radio down here they are crazy. They always blame someone else for their miscues. They don't want to admit the tide is shifting towards the north. It is still five weeks away but after today the chance of us winning just shifted in our favor.


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"Fire Him....NO COACH is above the program. I love the Buckeyes...I challenge anyone to be a bigger fan than I, but I cannot stand the embarrassment the coaching staff has brought upon this team. Teams should be feared of Ohio State. Do you think Purdue was fearful today????? TP and the boys looked like Dear Eyes in the Headlights."

"I'm finally on board. Sad to say it but it's time. He has turned this program into a "cult"."

"Last time OSU lost to an unranked team with a losing record?! I believe MSU in '98 was a game under before our game."

"Terrelle Pryor should transfer to Georgia Tech"

"Jim Tressel is the problem - HE needs to go back to Youngstown State."

All from bucknuts! I was seriously loling! Man this is an awesome day!


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I also live in c-bus and couldn't stop laughing at the demeanor of the guys on The Fan this afternoon. The hosts were acting like someone just bashed their dog's head in with a bat while dropping a cleveland-steamer on their mother's face. The callers to that show just prove the buckeye faithful have no clue about the sport and should be ashamed how they treat their team and coach after a loss.


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Think about it: Ohio. Whadda they got that's any good?

- Pro football? ... Uh, no.
- Baseball? ... Not lately
- Basketball? ... Sure, the Cavs. Not so much college.

So, tOSU football is what they got. That's it. And now, its probably the second best college team behind Cincinnati.

What a pathetic lot. I would almost feel sorry for them if it weren't so damn funny.


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I was watching their game against USF and the commentators were saying the same thing about Cincy being the best team in the state this year. They were talking about how tOSU should schedule Cincinnati but they probably wouldn't because they would have nothing to gain from it. If they win, so what? If they lose, get the torches and pitchforks ready!

One of the guys in the booth said something to the effect of, nobody wants to see tOSU play cupcakes like Ohio, Toledo, Akron, etc...play the bearcats and find out who's the best.


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I'm in C-bus too, and the atmosphere here for a Michigan fan is great. Everywhere I go people are pissed and I hear the cries of how bad their offense is looking and even though they won't admit it yet, the fear of the rest of the year including the Michigan game. Damn, I love C-bus right now.