Ever played with/against a UM athlete?

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In high school, I played against a couple of now-UM football players. I was wondering if anyone else has had that honor as well. Any sport, any era.

I played Kelvin Grady when he was a HB at East Grand Rapids. Tough matchup for a white kid playing MLB. At least it wasn't Kevin.

I also played Prince Obi, but it was in rugby. I was also roughly matched up against him, I believe I was inside center and he was outside center. At one point, I was passed the ball and saw him barreling toward me (it's easier to read plays in rugby than football). Fearing for my life, I  no-look hospital-passed away the ball as quickly as I could. Too late. I got laid out, driven back, and all-around wrecked. Cool thing is, Obi asked me if I was okay after the hit. When I regained consciousness 20 minutes later, I told him I was.



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I coached Kevin Grady in baseball, and played against John Aines in baseball.


My younger brother played against David Harris and Ruben Riley in football.  Harris was obviously in a different league; bigger and faster than about everyone on the field.


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NOT an M athlete, but I played middle school bball against Mark Ingram.  I probably went through puberty in like 6th grade, so I always looked older, but man, Mark looked like an 18 year-old D-1 prospect in 8th grade.  He had big muscles...

Also, I've seen JT Floyd playing (last year) some bball at CCRB, and he was SLOW.  I'm really hopeful his "burst" has improved in the past year as they've been saying, because man, I'm a clunky white guy and I could almost run with him.


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Played against Zoltan in intramural mini-soccer. As the goalie, I'm proud to say that he didn't score on us. Of course I'm not sure if he realized that he was supposed to get the ball in the net and not above the crossbar. Not surprisingly he had some power, and is a giant man.


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I was a freshman when Stevie Brown singlehandedly beat my team. This guy was/is a freak of nature on the football field. If only he hadn't broken his ankle that year playing dodgeball in gym class...

Also, I was at football camp (IU camp) and Kurt Wermers was a Michigan commit at the time. One of my coaches said I should go shake his hand. It's too bad I didn't considering he needed all the luck to pass his classes at Michigan. A good luck and go blue could have gone a long way.


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Monster euchre tournaments with some of the football and swim team members back in the day. Some of of them were pretty good.

Maize n Blue

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I "beat" Morgan Trent in high school. And by "beat," I mean it was the 4x400 relay. As the anchor leg, he got the baton about 4 seconds after me (from ~5th place) and I outleaned him at the finish. Considering I ran about a 51 second leg, he's quite speedy.

I also ran the 1600m against Justin Switzer and Lex Williams at the state meet. Unfortunately, I did not have the same "success."


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I got to over-size box in one of those inflatable rings with 3 other football players in there.  It was in the West Quad courtyard.  It was awesome.  I am not actually sure what the festivity was to have all of those games in the courtyard, but it was in the spring.


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Terrell posterized a buddy of mine playing IM basketball.

Also ended up in a pickup game of touch football with Will Carr, he quite rightly demanded that it should be 4 hand for him since no one on the filed could realistically bring him down by themselves.  It was a couple years after he graduated, was a really nice guy.


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I opened with a drop kick to the mid-section of his thumb, and it was all down hill from there.  It was even for a while, but it turned out that his thumb was just toying with me.  His thumb let it go the distance just to make me feel better about myself.  I ended up losing by double digits at the hand of just one of his.  He bought me a couple beers afterwards to raise my spirits - man, can that thumb drink!


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Played IM Hockey against Matt (Mr. Irrelevant) Elliott.  He was way too large to be a good player, but he was anyway.  And while the IM league is no check, I still crapped myself when it looked like he was lining me up for a Fetisov hip check.


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Next to the Black Student Union powderpuff game in, I want to say 2006. He was easily the most graceful person on Palmer Field that day, had hands that could handle an eggshell, and was still a monster of a human being. It was unreal to watch him up close. There were other football players there too that day, but man, Watson was something else.


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Brian Thompson when he was at Saginaw Nouvel. He wasn't that big then, he definitely bulked up at Michigan. His brother Shawn was at the game (he was a senior at Michigan at the time) and was a monster.


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A buddy of mine got stiff-armed by Antonio Bass in high school. Said he did everything right but Bass still constantly made him look foolish.


What could have been.


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not me but my roommate played adrian arrington and mike hart in beer pong back in 2007 at a small bbq thing at a friends house who was in order of Angell.  this was a few days after the ND game and mikes guarantee we'd win it.  it was a pretty close game but on the last cup hart proclaims i'm gonna sink this i guarantee it.  he drops back and makes it thus game over.  carson butler and arringon had to drag him away as he did some major shit talking. 


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I played football in HS against Dave Armstrong's team (Central Bucks West 97 98 98 Pa state champs) He was a 6'4 240 RB, I believe he played DE for UM but ended up at Bloomsburg. Guy was a beast, ran over us all scrimmage but I did hit him with a great crack-back block that actually knocked him out of the game for 2 plays.

Filthy Dilithium

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Can't think of any M players off-top, but I played against Paul Davis (MSU) in high school basketball.  He won the tip, made a beilein to the hoop and caught an alley-oop, passed from beyond the 3-point line, for a dunk.  All within the first five seconds of the game.  He was pretty good at playing basketball, and playing Karl the Giant in Big Fish.