Evening Games Open Thread

Submitted by Zone Left on November 5th, 2011 at 8:07 PM

Which team do you hate less? Either way, they've got fantastic athletes and this should be fun to watch. Hopefully we see neither in a bowl game.



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I like how in that AT&T commerical they talked about that stupid ranking thing on the phone and every single team was an SEC team in the ranking.


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You are a lazy ESPIN analyst - the Hemingway 4th qtr 2nd and goal ball did not, as you wrongly stated, "Hit the ground first so it was the right call by the official"

The ball did NOT hit the ground first, Hemingway made a heckuva catch. Moron.

Take your "oh, i want to be a dr so i don't have time for football at osu" crap somewhere else... Your facade of being an "educated football player" is a bunch of BS to everyone who hears your inch thin analysis.

One of John Cooper's finest. Jackass.



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Teams so close, it would be a shame if a bad call ruined this game.


Am tired of the nonsense that "ref's don't decide games". That's BS.


Some teams are so even that a bad call will swing the game. To say "well Team X should have done A, B or C" is BS because Team Y will counter them with another play or similar. So, when teams or even, and the refs blow it, yeah, that's an issue.

So, we got homered today, pure and simple. Congrats Kirk, Jim Delany misses Denard's head twist and sends the 3 blind mice to officiate our game. Jokers.


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Pitt QB is sacked in the closing minute but hurls the ball forward just before he hits the ground. Ruling on the field is a fumble and a Cincinnati recovery, but replay correctly overturns it and calls it an incomplete pass.

But replay can't call a penalty, nor can the officials after the review, so the obvious intentional grounding that the official would certainly have called if he'd correctly ruled incomplete on the field isn't called. It's 2nd and 10 instead of 2nd and 30.

The 20 yards keeps the drive alive and turns out to be just enough to get Pitt into field goal range...

...which they miss, so I guess justice is served.

Still something for the rules committee to look at in the offseason. It ought to be possible for the field officials to tell the replay official what they would have called if the call on the field is reversed, so the reversal is into the proper result.


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I am not a fan of using replays to review penalties, but all of these helmet to helmet calls that have become the norm lately are starting to drive me crazy.  There was a leading with the head call in the OSU/ Stanfod game, that in both real time and replay did not look bad at all.  The officials called the pentalty which cost OSU the ball on the Stanford fumble and a OSU TD.

I wish in penalties of this sort, there would be some sort of check on the officials.  I know they are trying to protect the plays but it is getting ridiculous.   


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In the old days, I think Alabama gets the reception at the one. 

But under recent rules, I think the INT call was correct.

Just like the Donovan Warren / Bill Lynch gum-throwing call.


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At 3:10 in the 4th quarter. He sees an opening about 2 seconds into a designed run play and takes it for 20 yards. Sadly I couldn't even fathom Denard ever having the presence of mind to do that. Forget about his terrible passing, his best gift is running and he can't even use that talent to capacity unless told explicitly when to use it. How are we suddenly going to beat any other team we play with Borges and denard doing what they do?
<br>I never thought I'd say this... But I'd rather have John Navarre.


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18 yd QB scramble.

I'm must be forgetting a couple, but I can't think of a single scramble by Denard on a pass play where he hurt the defense with a significant gain.

I'd think that Borges would have a play or two up his sleeve to take advantage of that situation.