Evening games open thread

Submitted by M-Wolverine on September 14th, 2013 at 7:56 PM
Mainly creating it in hopes someone can point out a game on tonight that doesn't suck.



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Honestly what can a DC do with 1 week?  Even 10 weeks? You need an offseason to prepare and install your system.  He is taking someone's else players and the same system and just showing his face as the new fall guy.  You are not going to change anything in a week.  He probably is learning the signals himself at this point.  GERG


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This is probably the only thing that isn't surprising today.  You had to figure Purdue would start out strong and emotional after two horrible games and then having Notre Dame on your home turf.  But they're not going to keep up that intensity the entire game.  Purdue is still Purdue. 


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There are a lot of mediocre football teams out there folks.  Oklahoma barely beat a poor West VA team at home last week, Texas sucks - and thats the Big 12.  Ok State I guess... meh.  Pac 12 beauty USC is sad.  Stanford is above average but wasnt that impressive today.  So you have Oregon as elite.  Florida lost to Miami.  Clemson Georgia and South Carolina I guess.  And Bama LSU and Texas A&M as elite or close.  I don't buy Louisville with their weak schedule.  About 3-5 "very good" teams out there and then it slips into a blanket of mediocre.


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For those who've praised Purdue for having a much more aggressive defensive gameplan than Mattison did last week, well, that 80-yard TD is the kind of thing Mattison was trying to avoid.


Picktown GoBlue

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for ASU.  With the technology being used to do "360" view of plays using multiple cameras, why can't they triangulate the path of the ball thru or around the goalposts with 2 or 3 cameras?


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It is now official - Texas has yielded more than 400 yards of offense to Ole Miss, so this is completely in line with expectations now. Of note, 250 yards of that are on the ground, so the inability of Texas to actually stop anything on the ground continues. The results shall not shock anyone, I would think. 

Picktown GoBlue

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the NDSU national champ flag should be happy.

Looking ahead to see what other options there are among the current top 10...

  1. Alabama hosting Colorado State nope
  2. South Carolina has a bye
  3. Clemson plays on Thursday
  4. OSU beats up on FAMU - yeah, no
  5. Stanford hosts ASU - might be the biggest game depending what they do to Wiscy tonight
  6. Won't go to Texas A&M two weeks in a row just to see SMU gallop into town
  7. Louisville hosting FIU - not really a biggie
  8. LSU hosts Auburn - could do the other Death Valley, but maybe even ESPN thinks they've done too many Gamedays with SEC teams so far this season
  9. Georgia hosting North Texas - don't think so
  10. Florida hosting Bethune-Cookman - I think I found a winner

I'd say NDSU should be a fun option.