Evan Smotrycz Sighting

Submitted by Fhshockey112002 on March 9th, 2014 at 12:32 PM
Hadn't watched many Maryland games the past two seasons, but turned it on today as they are taking on Virginia.

Currently has 10 points in first 12 mins of play.



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I don't know about you, but I got pretty sick of setting him sulk around like coach Beilein owed him the world. That kind of attitude does nothing to help the team. We obviously don't know what he was like behind closed doors but his on-court demeanor was pretty pathetic. It would be fun seeing him and Maryland get beat. That said, hopefully he feels that he made a good decision to transfer and had a great time watching his former teammates make a run to the national championship.


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Not really.  I really can't hold a grduge against a kid who didn't want to play at UM and left.  He's not a Boren who crapped on the program on the way out.  And for anyone complaining he was sulking around or not being a "team player" or whatever crap people try to pinpoint on a guy, I certainly don't remember him being a drag on the program.

But I'm a bit older and, I don't know, just can't get that emotionally involved in sports like I used to. 


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As I recall a lot of it was via Twitter.  More proof that nothing good comes of Twitter.


Also, it's important to realize had he stayed at UofM, we might not have had room for Zak Irvin or one of the freshmen.  So which it's nostalgic to think about "what if", you have to balance the roster and I wouldn't trade anyone on our roster to get any former Beilein player back. Period.  Those who stay...


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Good to see him succeed even if it is with another team. With that said whatever happened to Brundige?? Thought he trasnfered to UofD anyone know how hes been doin


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It's bat shit crazy to think that this team could have had Trey Burke, Tim Hardaway Jr., Mitch McGary, and Evan Smotrycz on it, along with Nik, GR3, LeVert, Walton, Irving, Morgan, Horford, etc... Man, did Smotrycz make the wrong choice transfering from Michigan to Maryland. He would have fit in perfectly with Beilein's offense.


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Has his defense improved?  I haven't seen enough of him since he went to Maryland to know.  He was a good shooter while he was here, but was a defensive liability - always looked like he was on roller skates in the paint.

Maybe he's improved.  I wish him success, but if there were issues with coaching or team chemistry then we aren't necessarily worse of for him having left.

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I'm watching and the announcer said specifically that they (his coaches) would like to see better body language.  I might be taking a leap, but that suggests to me that his defense still suffers. Also it's a sign that he 1) hasn't improved in that regard, because that was one of my complaints when he was here and 2) It had less to do with him being upset at UofM and having a rift with the coaches, and is more just his nature.  No disrespect to Evan.  Some people definitely just have a more pessimisstic body language or approach to the game/life. 

There's guys like THJ who are labile (hot & cold; but show emotion), guys like Glenn who are steady (never get too up or down), and guys who always have a little bit of a sad look (Smotczyz, and remember Paul Davis?)


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He would have been a senior this year.  It is difficult to say what his role would have been with the squad we had last year.  Would he have started over GRIII?  Could he have had a role as a scorer off the bench with his 3 point shooting?  I felt like during his time here he was forced to play the 5 more often than the 4, and I think he didn't do well in that role.   

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He had to play a lot of 5 because that was the year Horford broke his foot in the non-conference and had to redshirt. Playing the 5 seemed to take a lot out of him.  He started that year strongly but really tailed off in conference play when he was now having to defend guys much bigger than him.




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Maryland is going to be interesting next year in the Big 10.  They don't have a wow record but lost to Syracuse and Duke each by 2 pts this year, and return a rare thing in college next year - top 5 scorers will all be upperclassmen.  I believe its 3 SRs and 2 JRs or vice versa from memory.   That is the type of team you always hear about making it into the NCAA as a 6th type seed and going on a nice run due to veteran leadership.  

Right now it looks like Wisconsin and UM probably will be battling it out for the top position next year (this assumes we dont lose Nik AND GR3 AND McGary), and then OSU brings in a pretty sick recruiting class and Maryland should be right behind. 


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Theres limited playing time in bball and too many good players. Like i said before had Burke and Hardaway not left to the NBA LeVert, Walton, Stauskas would have had limited roles. I think players have to move on sometimes especially if they dont get enough playing time. Michigan has gone with an 8 man rotation for most of the season and it hasnt been an issue. We went 15-3 in the BT! Considering how this team has played cant see anyway adding more players into the rotation would improve the team that much.

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I ran across a Washington Post article on Evan Smotrycz just this past week.  Here's a link, if you're interested in reading it:


Summary:  He had been sulking lately (which isn't completely surprising given what I remember of his on-court demeanor), but he seems to have turned a corner in the past couple of games.

I wish him the best, but I don't think his leaving had a negative impact on our team.


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Saw a game earlier and he fouled out with something like 10 minutes to go in the second half. Somehow the opponent (think it was cuse) had only shot 2 freethrows.


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The kid was a great shooter, especially 3's.  Don't see him doing much.  He certainly wasn't a great rebounder or passer or defender while he was here.  Why have him out there ignoring his greatest stregth? 


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Going over to StatSheet, Smotrycz is 112-285 (39.3%) for FGs and 52-145 (35.9%) for 3FGs, which overall makes for a personal eFG% of 48.42% for Evan. Similar numbers to 2010-11 but a little dip from 2011-12 on that dynamic. Actually, his offensive rating is 106.3, and he is responsible for about 25% of Maryland's production from beyond the arc. 


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Had 13 in the first half, I don't think he's taken a shot in the 2nd half.  I haven't seen a rebound, either.

Just now he got fouled on a drive, and missed both FTs


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I know this is against the best team in the ACC, but hopefully Maryland can consistently have this type of home crowd for Big Ten games next year.