Eubanks and Schoenle

Submitted by skegemogpoint on October 16th, 2017 at 4:14 PM

I realize the submarine has few leaks but I was wondering about the status of both Eubanks and Schoenle as I was dutifully impressed by their early season contributions.  Dare I ask, any news?



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Good question. We could really really use Nasty Nate this weekend. Him and JOK appeared to have a nice connection vs Purdue. Wouldn’t mind seeing him get more targets than Crawford.

Blue Durham

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Given the posts on the board the last few days, I was afraid that this was another thread on giving these 2 guys a shot at QB or RT (or even HC), 'cause, you know, they couldn't do any worse.


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On Saturday the radio link said that Nate was injured. Eubanks was dinged up a couple of weeks ago so maybe still not 100%

Where is Oliver Martin. We could use a sure-handed route runner.  He was hurt early so maybe still not 100%?



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right?  I understand wanting to stagger that class, but we basically only have two (non-slot) WRs right now, and Crawford isn't playing well.  Black is going to get an unexpected RS so we'll still get four more years (or an NFL player) out of two in the class. 

If Martin's the technician he's purported to be, I don't see the reason to keep him redshirted (can't be depth anymore).  Unless he's strictly a slot guy, which certainly could be the case.


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The lack of pt probably has to do with Gentry and McKeon doing well in the passing game, and Wheatley being such an effective blocker. Also, the QB play is not so hot, and I'm sure the gameplan has been simplified to try and help O'Korn.

Or, like everyone else said, they're hurt.


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My expectations on the offensive side of ball are way out of whack, for all this talk of these great WR we got the past few hauls, and it seems WR is a problem. Currently our best WR Perry was a slot guy and afterthought on this board for the most part, and now we are talking a walk-on Shoenle.....  Where are Collins and Martin?  And McDoom seems to be a one trick jet sweep pony.  Why isn't Crawford going deep ???

And I find it odd how many here have dissed Mike DeBord, yet when he was the OC we had good performance at WR.


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Which in turn is highly exacerbated by the quality of the Line play.

Which in turn is highly exacerbated by the ability of the Freshman WR's to get open and catch the ball.

Which in turn in highly exacerbated by the quality of the QB play.....


Wait a minute....


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I mean freshman WRs do usually have to make quite an adjustment. I mean a guy like DPJ for example, is so physically dominant in high school games that the game plan can regress to “Just throw a fade to that guy”. Collegiate WRs need to learn a much bigger route tree and be able to dissect coverages which often have different implications for the type of route to run. It can be a difficult adjustment for some.


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It's a lot of the little things that JH values. I tried to stay away from this one for various reasons. Peters has been disengaged in the meeting rooms, lacks leadership on the field and in the locker room, cracks under pressure and duress, and does not have control over the huddle or playbook. Furthermore, ask yourself this? Why was he third on the depth chart after fall camp? Why has he seen little to no game action? Does he have better footwork, mastery of the offense, prepares himself better than the two in front of him, works out non-stop, grade out better day-to-day during the spring, summer, or fall?

Lots of people are clamoring for another change. Yet JH, Pep (openly says he's not ready), and others went with two players before him on game day. I have a feeling the staff knows which player will give us the best chance to win. When Balas says he may have been a miss on the recruiting trail, I think he means we could have focused on other targets. Peters, will get a chance if things don't improve. Be careful what you wish for in this case.

Harbaugh soldier

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So do you think makes sense Peters transfers asap? I mean they have McCaffrey and Milton next year. Sounds like Hamilton is married to Okorn. Understandable peters not engaged when your coach has no belief in you. How badly Okorn is playing and Peters gets no mention it's demoralizing for a 19 year old college kid. Hamilton really screwed these QBs up.


October 17th, 2017 at 8:12 AM ^

If JO'K continues to struggle they may be forced to play BP. I can't see them ripping the red shirt off of DM this year. He hasn't had a full year in the program either. The best possible scenario is that JO'K improves and that WS3 comes back in early Nov. Nobody knows for sure how this will play out.

Harbaugh soldier

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Your description gives us 8-4 record maybe 8-5 with bowl loss (losses to osu, psu, wisc, msu). Okorn and WS3 are not going to get this done. Just torturing the fan base.

Best case is PSU gives game away with tos and defense and Nordic win game 12-10. Okorn throws for another 50 yards and Peters comes in remainder of season and we run table for Natl championship ! Peters hooking up with DPJ and Perry for multiple 300 yard games.


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doesn't sound promising. Although all of those things can change with age, it doesn't sound like he's ready this season. If he's serious about this, maybe putting him in will wake him up. Here's to hoping he gets his crap together, if anything for next season, or Speight will be back or McCaffrey will be the man. What the hell happened to Malzone?


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Hell, he even looks disengaged on gamedays and he’s currently the BACKUP qb, meaning he’s one play away from seeing the field... It’s shocking to me.

Ever notice when we have a timeout that McCaffrey is right next to JOK and Harbaugh but Peters is no where to be found? DM looks like the guy who’s completely bought in, I’d really like to see Peters do the same because we really could use him next season.


October 18th, 2017 at 10:58 AM ^

Not sure what is happening in practice, but he looked good in the Spring and I think it's time to give him a shot. I have heard DM looks good also and even though he's only been here a few months if he can play then pull the RS off and get him out there.

UM needs to look towrads next year and obviously that does not mean JOK or Wilton. It's time to start building this team for a future run and we need a huge upgrad at QB.