Per ESPN: USC Commit DeAnthony Thomas looking at UM

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Per Bill Kurelic on, USC commit DeAnthony Thomas is looking at UM.

Relevant portion below:

"I'm still solid to USC," Thomas said. "I just want to look at some other schools."

Two of the schools Thomas is interested in seeing are Michigan and Ohio State.

"I talked to [Michigan] coach [Rich] Rodriguez recently," Thomas said. "He said if I'm interested in Michigan they would offer me [a scholarship]."

In addition to Michigan and Ohio State, Thomas said he is interested in visiting Washington, Florida and Miami. He said he has scholarship offers from USC, Washington and Florida.



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Thomas says he plans to take all five official visits.


In addition to Michigan (1) and Ohio State (2), Thomas said he is interested in visiting Washington (3), Florida (4) and Miami (5). (numbers added)

This says to me there's a high likelihood UM is one of his five visits. that's as much interest as we can ask for.


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This was on a scout article a while back too... normally I'd say this isn't something to get excited about but there might be something to this. 


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always good to be in these conversations.  He's a top prospect looking at top programs - we always want to be on those lists.  And we are in play for anyone if we can get them on campus


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I couldn't agree more.  When the word was out that USC players could transfer we all got excited about possible transfers but heard nothing about interested players.  The fact that our name is out there is much better just hoping based on nothing.

Stories like this help me through this dark time known as Summer.


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On his Rivals profile, 2 of the 3 players listed as similar runnings backs are Justice Hayes and Dee Hart.  Seemed appropriate.

But this kid is really good.  He's worth going after.


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Yeah, he's basically a great athlete who will be good at any position that doesn't require him to be big.  If he came to UM, he could play RB, slot or CB and contribute immediately. 

If he wants to play RB though, maybe he doesn't want to be behind Dillon Baxter for a while. 


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I don't think it's an "inner city kid" thing.  I'd say it's an "any kid" thing.  I would do exactly the same thing if I were in the shoes of a top recruit.  I think I'd take a visit to Hawaii, one to Miami and Texas...wherever.  A free trip is a free trip.


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I wouldn't take an official to Hawaii.  Why?  Because I'd end up spending almost as much time traveling as I would actually being there.  A normal college visit goes this way: travel day (Friday), day on campus (Saturday), travel day (Sunday).  It's not quite the "vacation" people make it out to be.


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you want you just need to include rich kids and suburban kids too.  I'm sure there are plenty of youg HS guys regardless of demographics or economic status that would take a free trip to some of the college towns.  Oh! by the way,  you've been exposed.

burntorange wi…

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QB jerry neuheisel who did some camps with thomas. he said thomas is gonna be a DB. period. im not saying that RB isnt a possibility but his best position has got to be DB. 


im not disagreeing with you that hart n thomas(who doesnt want double Ds....har har) would b a great great great great tandem/recruiting pickups out of 2 loaded states. i just dunno where to comment with this info so i replied to u. 


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"I'm still solid to USC," Thomas said. "I just want to look at some other schools."


"Of course I still want to marry you, I just want to look at some other women, that's all."


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I look at that list and see three schools with programs that have promising rebuilding projects going on (well, Washington and Michigan at least, with Miami not quite as interesting to me despite strong recruiting) and two that are known quantities (OSU, Florida).

Given his initial choice of USC, we can surmise that it is very simple -- he's looking for a winner. There aren't that many recruits who can pick their program, but Thomas is one of them. So why even look at Michigan, unless he thinks it's possible that in 2012 and 2013 the Maize and Blue will dominate the Big Ten? That kind of thinking just reinforces the knot I have in my stomach as this season approaches -- a lot is at stake, and I don't mean Rich's job, I mean this kind of national recruit is going to notice if Michigan looks good this year, even with some tough losses. For these kids, at least for the smart ones, it's about the future, not the status quo.