ESPN showing "The Horror" highlights

Submitted by milla61 on September 1st, 2011 at 10:10 AM

ESPN in all it's greatness just showed highlights from "The Horror" on their season kickoff preview.  Damn them!



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This whole thing sucks.  Now I have to re-convince the Buckeye fans around here that App State is a better program than Akron, YSU, etc.  Doesn't Brandon realize it's impossible for us to get "revenge" on a DI-AA program.  I'm sorry "Division I - Football Championship Subdivision". 


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When just the announcement that we will play App State 3 years down the road kicks off the flood of "classic" replays, you know it will be a long 3 years, and especially a long 3 months in 2014.


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of that game was when the team started to get "pumped" after halftime.  I remember M. Trent getting that interception and strut running to the sidelines after flipping the ball and jawing a little bit.  I remember thinking that the very fact that we need to be engaging a comeback was embarrassing enough.  Had no belief they would actually lose at the time, but was already pissed.

Marlin Jackson…

September 1st, 2011 at 10:50 AM ^

It's time we got over the whole Appy State thing.  It happened. 

I'm actually loking forward to playing them again.  Hopefully this time we will smoke them out of the building and restore order to the world.  I think it will be cathartic.   


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That game will be forgotten when Michigan wins a national championship again. Two years before Alabama won the BCS title they lost to Univ of Louisiana Monroe, one of the worst teams in 1A, much worse than App St. Nick Saban then made an analogy to Pearl Harbor or 9-11 or something stupid. So all we need to do to shut up the haters is get back on top.


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ESPN will show "The Horror" to start College Football season for at least the next 10 years and will probably show clips of it during pregame for Michigan's first game every year for the next 15-20 years.

Darth Wolverine

September 1st, 2011 at 11:02 AM ^

Why on Earth are they showing highlights of that game? It's 20freaking11, people. Some folks just can't get over that.

For example, a friend of mine text me earlier today and said, "Does anyone recall what happened on this day in 2007?" I honestly could not remember. Of course I remember The Horror happening, but didn't know the date. This friend is a PSU fan, too. Some people just can't let it go.


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The "M football product" has been degrading rapidly for three, perhaps four, years, to the point where it almost became nationally irrelevant.  Brandon, Hoke, et. al. can only help that product, on-the-field, in stadium, and otherwise.  But don't let me stand in the way of your personal (irrational) hatreds. 


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What has Dave Brandon done (Note:  Not rumored to be thinking about, etc) that has hurt the program one iota?  I can think of several amazing things he's done already, first and foremost finding an amazing man to coach the Wolverines football team despite "fans" wanting other candidates (Miles, Harbaugh, etc.) who would have brought baggage and/or NFL aspirations.  Dave Brandon has helped to restablish relationships with people who matter (i.e. the media, alumni, former players) to the long term success of the program. 

So please tell me, why does Dave Brandon suck?  I expect you to provide a better repsonse than "Brian Cook told me he sucks and there was "the Process" and curly fries so I just believe him no questions asked." 


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when did this happen? the last thing I really remember is losing in the rose bowl to USC and then there's brief memories of beating Florida I think and then humiliating Notre Dame a few times...but I don't remember any "Horror". Strange


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I always just own it. Yes, it happened. Yes, it sucked, and still sucks. But everytime an OSU, ND, or MSU fan brings it up they're just looking for a reaction. when confronted with the "DER APP STATE!" I usually say, "Yeah, I remember it. It happened. I don't let one game define my view of a program that has been around for 132 years. If you do, that's your choice." When I don't get worked up into a frothing, bumbling mess, they usually shut up or move on.

Darth Wolverine

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I think some people on these threads are abusing their ability to rank posts up or down. I have been noted to be trolling when I clearly haven't been (and why would I troll a blog about my favorite team?) and in this thread, my post was marked as "overrated." I just don't get it sometimes.


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Neg away, but it's astounding how much better posts tend to get after 5:00 eastern time when it isn't just a bunch of youngins and/or unemployed folks who have nothing but fond memories from the last few years.  Reading this crap is more painful than the back surgery I'm home recovering from. 

Not intended as a slam on the OP, the original post isn't my target here.