ESPN puff piece on Rashan Gary

Submitted by mgeoffriau on November 18th, 2016 at 1:01 PM

Nothing groundbreaking, but a good look into the relationship between Gary, Charlton, and Wormley.…

Football wasn't clicking as easily as it used to. Classes were hard. He needed advice at times and reassurance at others. Soon Coney noticed their conversations became more about what he was learning than what he was missing. The change could be measured in how often he mentioned two names in their talks: Taco and Chris.



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That's actually a really good question that speaks to the lack of a good scale to measure such pieces. My own idea was to use the "Ply" system and measure it in terms of, say, an article being a 3-ply piece or a 4-ply piece, but then people may get the wrong idea about one's perception of the relative worth of an article....or if it is a bad one, they may get the right idea about what to do with it. Either way. 


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The returns on Rashan are going to be Huge!  I am thinking the Investment firm of Harbaugh, Mattison, Wormley and Charlton have secured Ms. Coney's investment very well!  I enjoyed seeing this piece.  Seems like his name is on the radar but so much attention has been elsewhere that Rashan has had a rare opportunity afforded him that not very many consensus # 1 recruits get!  


Go Blue!