Per Espn--- Pistons fire Lawrence Frank

Submitted by 615Wolverine on April 18th, 2013 at 2:03 PM
Marc Stein reports the firing. As a Lakers fan I hope Detroit hires someone who can rebuild this team like Larry Brown.


Mr. Yost

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...but if there was ever a time and a team, this seems like the perfect one.

He knows how to coach 2 bigs, he obviously knows how to coach young players, location, etc.

The only thing I'd worry is the Pistons drafting Trey Burke. That floop slap right in front of Izzo was one of the greatest things I've ever seen in my life, I can't see Izzo coaching Burke the very next year.


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Any new HC appears to be academic if Trader Joe isn't shown the door as well. Dumars was excellent early on establishing a branding...but maybe time for him to move on as well?


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He must've just wanted to be a HC in the NBA again to take the Pistons job in the first place because he had to have known the team wasn't going to be very good. I can't imagine he has a record even close to .500 for his career. I sure hope the Pistons can add some talent to the team and get a solid coach


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I'm not quite sure why they hired him in the first place.  Stupid decision.  Joey D needs to get his act together and make a smart coaching hire or hit the road himself.  How a guy can go from unquestioningly one of the best front office guys in all of pro sports to one of the absolute worst in a span of 5 years is completely dumbfounding.

And I know it will never happen, but I feel obligated to throw this out every time the Pistons go on a coaching search: Bill Laimbeer.


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I think he still wants to coach, but doesn't necessarily have the energy/passion to be a coach.  You heard all about it when he almost became the Lakers coach again this season.  All those ridiculous requests, with not wanting to really travel to away games being the most telling of them all.  I can honestly see him as a Pat Riley type front office guy.  Someone who can be a mentor to a lesser name coach and has a majority say in personnel decisions and strategy without having to be with the team 24/7.  Now that is something I'd take over the Joey D regime any day.


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The day we signed  Charlie V and Ben Gordon, I knew the Pistons were screwed for the 5-8 years. I said it that very day.


If the Pistons are smart, they don't go after anybody in this crappy free agency class, and wait to spend that money in 2014 !

Yes it is another bad season, but get as much cap space as possible freed up and make a run, and while your at it, keep drafting in the draft.


They need to get rid of stuckey ( if somebody offers a 2nd take it), do not bother resigning Calderon or any other decent players. I would resign none of those free agents that come from our roster. I would talk to Monroe about an extension..Clean House


You got Knight, Drummond and Monroe, Jerebko, Singler, Kravtsov,Middleton,English


8 guys, need 6, well 2 draft picks gives you 10 guys and 4 holes to fill, if you have stuckey somehow thats 11, Go young and cheap, buy 2nd round draft picks and fill 2 of those holes, and find somebody else undrafted


this team needs to just straight up suck in 2013-14, and than go from their

2013 ----------------------------2014



Will Bynum
Jose Calderon
Corey Maggette
Jason Maxiell
Charlie Villanueva (P)

Kim English
Viacheslav Kravtsov
Greg Monroe

Jonas Jerebko (P)
Rodney Stuckey

suck it up, take the losses in 2013, and go hard in summer 2014.

let 2013-14 be rock bottom

clean house and use all that cap room to do something


but knowing the pistons, they will spend this money on a buch of cut rate free agents ( see charlie v and Ben gordon ) and do the same shit all over.


And yes, I am for Laimbeer as head Coach


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Byron Scott is out in Cleveland, too.  I wonder if Dan Gilbert will finally make a large enough offer to Tom Izzo?  Izzo isn't having nearly as much fun in EL as he was the last time Gilbert was throwing money around.


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needs to figure out how to utilize both Moose and Drummond. Together, they don't mesh well because they both need to be down low or have space to be effective.  It would restrict the freedom of spacing with both of them on the floor.  Drummond looks to be the future NBA star.

They actually got a good core of young talent, but is still far away from becoming a playoff contender.


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NBA coaches have little impact on games. Only the great ones do, and that is what makes them great. This roster is young, I think they should go after a out of the box type coach. A coach from the college ranks I think would fit with this younger roster. He can't be one of the I control everything type college coaches, like Izzo. The best guy for the job IMO is Bill Self.

This probably won't happen, but it is the kind of hire this team needs.


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I've recently realized that it is absolutely impossible for Sportscenter to not mention the Lakers and/or Kobe every single day. Every. Single. Day.


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It may seem harsh to fire Frank from a team with a bad roster after two years but the knock on him has always been inability to develop talent. Drummound's success in the NBA will depend heavily on the next coach they bring in IMO.