ESPN NBA Mock Draft 3.0

Submitted by I Like Burgers on May 29th, 2014 at 1:39 PM

ESPN's Jeff Goodman released his latest NBA mock draft (INSIDER) this afternoon.  His mocks are based on intel he gathers from NBA execs, and reflects the workouts that just wrapped up.

He has Nik going #10 to the 76ers which would be a little interesting since he also has them taking Wiggins at #3.  And he has Mitch going to the Heat at #26 which would be a perfect landing spot for him.

He has Harris going at 11 to Denver, Payne going at 18 to Phoenix, and GRIII going someplace in the second round.




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That would be freaking awesome!  However, I'd be shocked if Wiggins didn't go one or two.  There was a leaked 76ers draft sheet a couple of months ago that had them taking McGary and Robinson in the second round.  Not likley to happen now, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Sixers tried to get a third first round pick to get McGary.  They need a four to play with Noel at the five.


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I love the Cavs taking Embiid.  Provided his back is ok that would load us up with a pretty impressive (and very young) core of players.

Quick question.  Should the Cavs somehow make the playoffs this year how does the NBA work it out so we get the #1 pick?  Seems like there's a league by-law or something that ensures us of having that pick every year.


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Best comparison in my opinion is the Pistons drafting Darko Milicic in a year where LeBron, Wade, Bosh, and Melo all went Top Five, and all but LeBron were available (Cavs picked #1 AGAIN). The talented Pistons were given a gift with that pick and managed to miss on three perennial All-Stars -- choosing instead to draft a big man with big question marks.

Fortunately for the Cavs and Bennett, there wasn't enough talent in last year's draft to make the comparison more apt.


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Awful comparison for several reasons - a few:

  1. The '03 Draft was LOADED compared to last year's, so Detroit "missing" by taking Darko is even worse than the Cavs taking Bennett, who was a "lesser of evils" pick (at least in Cleveland's mind) since no clear cut #1 had been established.
  2. It's been covered ad nauseum on this board, but the Darko pick at #2 was the right pick at that time.  Most GMs/scouts had Darko at #2 on their boards.  Bennett wasn't #1 anywhere except Cleveland.
  3. The Pistons were coming off back to back division titles and the conf. finals when they drafted Darko, so taking a project made even more sense.  Where, Cleveland needs players NOW.
  4. If the Pistons don't draft Darko, do they take Carmelo who (to use hindsight like you have) would've been an awful fit on those teams, likely preventing a Championship in '04? Or, do they take Wade (a better choice) and bring him off the bench behind a blossoming Rip Hamilton?  In any case, the Rasheed trade likely doesn't happen in either of those scenarios, so an argument can be made that no Championships are won w/o drafting Darko.  Therefore, Darko = Championship.

Evil Empire

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They would have been better off with no first round pick.  In the previous years the Cavs had the top pick, they had either an obvious choice or made the best of a bad situation:


1971 - Austin Carr - not a good draft


1986 - Brad Daugherty (only player selected in the first round who made an All-Star game, doing so five times)


2003 - LeBron James - obvious


2011 - Kyrie Irving - only member of that draft who has accomplished much so far in their three years in the NBA (2x All-Star)



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as far as where the Michigan players.



Nik Stauskas — No. 13, Minnesota Timberwolves ESPN — No. 10, Philadelphia 76ers Sporting News — No. 12 Orlando Magic — No. 14, Phoenix Suns Sports Illustrated — No. 14, Phoenix Suns Fox Sports — No. 17, Boston Celtics — No. 12, Orlando Magic CBS Sports — No. 12, Orlando Magic Bleacher Report — No. 9, Charlotte Hornets

Glenn Robinson III — No. 29, Oklahoma City Thunder — N/A (mock draft includes first round only) Sporting News — No. 28, Los Angeles Clippers — No. 28, Los Angeles Clippers Sports Illustrated — N/A (mock draft includes first round only) Fox Sports — N/A (mock draft includes first round only) — No. 22, Memphis Grizzlies CBS Sports — No. 25 Houston Rockets Bleacher Report — No. 28, Los Angeles Clippers

Mitch McGary — No. 30, San Antonio Spurs — No. 30, San Antonio Spurs Sporting News — No. 26, Miami Heat — No. 30, San Antonio Spurs Sports Illustrated — No. 21, Oklahoma City Thunder Fox Sports — No. 30, San Antonio Spurs — No. 38, Detroit Pistons CBS Sports — No. 34 Dallas Mavericks Bleacher Report — No. 30, San Antonio Spurs


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are all drafted at 1st round, that means that Michigan in 2013 NC game would field 5 first rounders on one floor plus one future 1st rounder in LeVert off the bench. Amazing.


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Still crazy that the entire starting five for last year's title game team has a very real possibility of all being drafted in the 1st round


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Rumor has it the 76ers want to trade MCW so they can get Dante Exum.  They dont think both of them could plaly in the same backcourt cause of their poor outside shooting.   The reason for Exum is he has an upside alot higher than MCW and is way more athletic.   GR3 will be a 1st rd pick mark my words.    If the Heat draft and Michigan players I am going to be pissed Fuu Heat!!!!!

I Like Burgers

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Miami would be a perfect spot for Mitch.  They need bigs, they need an energy hustle guy, and with the big three there, its very low pressure for him.  Plus learning from those three would be great for his NBA future.  The only other place I'd like to see Mitch is with the Spurs, but I think they'll go the guard route.  TP and Manu ain't gettin' any younger.


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was that Nik could and probably should go, UM fan selfishness aside. Robinson just wasn't consistent enough for me to take him sooner then the 2nd round (basically the equal to being a 6th-UDFA in the NFL). Athleticism is unquestioned but, UM fan selfishness aside, he needed another year. Mitch, had he continued his play from the 12 tourney, could and should have gone like Nik. The injury happened and I think if not for the suspension he would have returned to prove he was healthy. Either way, wish them well and hope all sneak into the 1st.


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I just hope none of our guys end up in the pistons. I always hope the same for the football players and the lions. It would just be depressing to play for a team that will never win and make such bad decisions on every end that it will always stay that way.