ESPN: Most under-rated player for each top 25 team

Submitted by oriental andrew on July 10th, 2018 at 2:46 PM

Yeah, I know, ESPN. 

For Michigan (did you know they rank us 10, behind #9 msu and ahead of #12 nd and #13 psu?), they list Karan Higdon as the most under-rated player. 

The Wolverines' defense will (rightfully) draw a lot of attention again this year. Higdon, though, is a smart, decisive runner with breakaway speed. He could be one of the Big Ten's breakout stars if the line in front of him takes a step forward in 2018.

From the national media perspective, I might've gone with an OL, but Higdon is a fine choice.

RB Damien Harris (le sigh) is listed for bama.

As for teams we play, S Jordan Fuller for osu (if he's the most under-rated player, then yikes); DT Mike Panusiak for msu; C Sam Mustipher for nd; LB Koa Farmer for psu; and WR Danny Davis III for wisco. 

Pretty sure Michigan plays more of their current top 25 teams in the regular season than any other team (but I really don't feel like checking all the schedules, so let's just say I'm right). 



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Who on our OL would be seriously underrated? Ruiz? Higdon is a decent choice here, but I would have gone with our other #22, in Long. Hill is grabbing all the attention at corner - and he deserves a great deal of attention - but Long has been equally good so far. Also, I don't feel like enough people recognize how good Gary has become because he hasn't put up silly sack numbers so far, but he does make the top 15 of every first round mock draft so maybe he's well-recognized.


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Potentially. For one, GJIII and Sainristil and Barrett and Jackson and Robinson are all different types of athletes. Moreover, Hamler is 5'8 and he's up to 175 now. He was 150lbs in high school, much smaller than Jackson, the smallest of the aforementioned five recruits. Hamler's size issue is a major issue, imo. He's going to be smaller than every DB who covers him and probably weaker. He'll only have success if he can make it through whole seasons without getting hurt, which is obviously TBD given his size.


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JBB is underrated. He got blamed for all the pass protection issues when really, blame should have been equally distributed among the 4 non-Cole players. And he is a beast of a run blocker. Play him all 13 games instead of the ~8.5 he played and they would have put up some serious rushing numbers.


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I think I would've gone with Tarik Black. Was our #1 WR until his broken foot and likely will be this year, but overshadowed in the B1G and nationally by DPJ.


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Aubrey Solomon is going to announce himself as one of the best players in college football this year.  Dwumfour is going to be right with him.  Think of this D-line!

I am so fired up to watch this defense play.  Brown is going to address the few breakdowns at safety and this D is going suffocate teams. 

Epic season. 

Ron Utah

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Hard to argue against Higdon.  Highly-productive despite suspect blocking and gameplanning; probably earned us an extra win last season on his own.


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ESPN also had an article earlier (LINK$) discussing best RB groups, and we are listed on there at 14.

14. Michigan Wolverines
What Michigan lacks in star power, it makes up for with depth. Last season's top rushers, Karan Higdon and Chris Evans, are back. Higdon twice rushed for 200 yards in Big Ten games, almost becoming Michigan's second 1,000-yarder since 2007. Junior Kareem Walker has the talent to rise in '18 and beyond.

Guessing you'll notice an error on there.

Stringer Bell

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Higdon is a good choice, insofar as it seems he's rarely mentioned among the best RBs in the conference.  Long another good choice.  I'll mention someone who hasn't been mentioned here and that's Gentry.  Matchup nightmare who I expect to put up Gesicki-esque receiving numbers with competent QB play this year.

Mr Miggle

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Underrated by whom? That could mean a lot of different things. If it's by the amount of chatter from Michigan sites, I'd go with Solomon and DPJ. If it refers to players who arrived without much press and haven't made preseason all-American teams, Higdon is a good choice. So is Gentry.

The best outcome for Michigan is if the right answer turns out to be Shea Patterson.



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I think Chris Evans is the most underrated player on the team this year. That kid is special, and wouldn’t shock me if he gets an equal share or most of the load this season.


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Higdon is a fine choice, but I'm surprised they didn't list Long or even McKeon.  McKeon caught a third of Michigan's TD passes last year and led the team in catches and was 6 yards short of leading the team in yardage.  He'll be a big part of the offense this year.  And Long is basically as good as Hill but for some reason has been given 1/16th the coverage.  

It's Always Marcia

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I think Georgia's lick is over this year. No Top 4 for them.


And really, Tarik Black is probably the most underrated as ESPN doesn't even talk about him. Tarik Black worked out with pros last weekend.


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I'm going out on a limb here and saying James Hudson.  He was ranked as the 109th best player in 2017.  He was the #2 player in Ohio.  However, this was as a DT so nobody is going to expect much from him preseason at OT. 

At 6'5" with long arms, quick feet, and Ed Warinner on staff - I think we have found our solution at one of the tackle positions.  It may take a few games in, but I bet he replaces one of the statues that are currently projected as starters.


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I was about to say David Long..Borderline lockdown corner that is young and hardy ever gets any attention...

That being said you can't go wrong with Higdon, him and Shea in the Pistol could be devastating


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Rashan Gary.

On one of the best D lines in the country, the guy has been in the shadows of more established (Mo Hurst) and more flamboyant (Chase Winovich) teammates. SI did a list of the best pass rushing D lineman in the country; three Clemson Tigers and Nick Bosa, but Gary was no where to be found.

Dude was the consus #1 recruit in the nation, and one of the highest rated recruits ever, for a reason.  He cracked the two deep on the best d line/best defense in the country as a true freshman.  This is the season he's the featured pass rusher/TFL guy.