ESPN: Michigan BBall article featuring GRIII.

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My favorite part:

He says he is ready for the challenges. Robinson recently told “I feel like I really haven't showed everybody what I can really do on a basketball court. Hopefully I can come back and shock some people. And maybe make some people think about what I can do.”



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"Robinson’s captivating debut featured the following stat line: 11.0 PPG, 5.4 RPG, 1.0 SPG and 57 percent shooting from the field. His offensive rating of 128.4 was ranked 10th nationally per (regardless of possessions used). "

Looking at his season averages as well as his drive to be even better this season makes for a situation that is awesome to contemplate really since Robinson will likely get even more chances to score. Some of the potentially overlooked items from his work last year - Robinson accounted for almost 1/5th of the rebounds and had the highest effective FG% among starters, as well as an assist-to-turnover ratio that, as I recall, may have been second only to Burke. 


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Even if GRIII and McGary are good, good friends, if the media is giving all the love to Mitch, maybe GRIII works that much harder.  The good news is that because they're such good friends, I don't think it turns into any kind of rivalary, but rather a mutually beneficial motivator.


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The idea of him moving to the 3 scares me a bit. Our strength next year will be at the wing, so why not pack as many of them on the floor as possible? I just doesn't make sense.


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I love the thought of a front court with GR3 Mitch and Morgan/Horford. That fits each players skills well, will fare much better in the B1G and gets more experience on the floor. There may be more talent on the wings but it is young talent.