ESPN: M Commits Answer Questions about M Football History

Submitted by Buzz Your Girlfriend on January 31st, 2013 at 11:50 AM

Interesting read from Wolverine Nation asking 24 of our commits questions about the football program:…


Q:  Name the three Michigan Heisman Trophy winners.

Sample A:  "Desmond, Charles Woodson and that old dude."


Bonus, here is Darboh going all offensive Woodson:



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The coaches aren't going to play Kalis at RT if we really need him at guard. If he's at tackle,it either means the coaches like who is at guard, or because he's able to practice at both. Not everything is bad.


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that statistic is about par.  Remember the MGo Poll I did last year asking who knows "all" the words to The Victors?  The MGo Poll said about 60% of those MGo Users answered Yes.

So I would expect the recruits to be somewhere about 50/50.  That's amaizing because many of the recruits just recently committed so they did not have enough time to learn much more than the chorus.

What does that say for the rest of you Mgo Users?


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I love this stuff. I feel like since Chantel has gotten to wolverinenation there has been a lot more gimmicky recruit stuff, and I think it's generally hilarious.

Caveman Bob

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4) What's the name of the trophy for the Michigan-Minnesota football rivalry?

"They have a trophy for that game?"

9) Do you know all the words to "The Victors?"

"Do I have to sing it?"


"OK, then yeah, I know them all."


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"What's the name of the trophy for the Michigan-Minnesota football rivalry?"

"They have a trophy for that game?"

I chuckled at this one. I have to say, even realizing that the series is 72-24-3 in Michigan's favor, the jug has only gone to Minnesota twice in my own lifetime (but it spent most of the 60s there, I believe), so I can see where they are coming from here...



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These are pretty funny.  Gotta cut the kids some slack.  Most of us likely know the answers to these questions, but how many of us did in the year before we started college?  As a HS senior, I would have been lucky to answet any of these correctly.


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ALL the words to the victors. I admit I didn't know them all until last year. "And now! A cheer! For they are here triumphant! Here they come with banners flying"