ESPN College Pick em

Submitted by Wolverine Incognito on September 2nd, 2011 at 4:44 PM

Hey y'all!  It's that time of year again.  I was going to take the liberty of making a college pick 'em group on ESPN, but some one (zohebhajiyani) has already done that, so a big thanks to him!  The deadline for this week's picks is tomorrow before noon.  So come on over and join the party!

Also, there is a pick 'em group on Yahoo.  Here is the link to the thread:

Yahoo uses a system where you get one point per correct pick, but you pick against the spread.  ESPN uses the confidence system (which I prefer).  If you don't understand what I mean by "confidence system" go to ESPN and fill out an entry.  It'll all make sense then, I promise.  I don't feel like explaining the confidence system in typing. 

Happy picking and GO BLUE!