ESPN College Gameday Sign Regulations

Submitted by Kaminski16 on September 6th, 2011 at 12:15 AM

If redundant then I apologize in advance but can someone please explain the rules and regulations for signs at Gameday? Dimensions? Materials? Anything I should know about? I would hate to make a sign only to have it denied or confiscated.

Thanks all. 



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Not sure if anyone on here knows the exact regulations, but the 3 times I've been to Gameday there hasn't been any specific limitations given. Appeared mostly common courtesy and common sense dictates. Basically all signs follow the rules that they should be able to be held by one person, should have content that can be displayed on television without getting the FCC involved, and should be held up for a few minutes at a time, not constantly, so other signs can be seen.

Mean spirited is acceptable, but make sure it is truly funny. When I was at Kansas/Missouri back in '07 saw one of a very well done "Jabba-ization" of Mark Mangino, but a lot of mean ones making fun of his weight without any redeeming wit/talent.


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Anybody want to jump in with me on this and bring a picture of Bruce Feldmans face? I think I may have to bring out a Dan Patrick or Keith Olbermann headshot...espn loves it when you promote their former employees...

Other options include: Peter Gammons, Charlie Steiner, U of M alum Rich Eisen, the very recently departed Brian Kenney, Harold Reynolds, Steve Phillips, B10 Network anchor (and dream-job winner) Mike Hall...many, many others to consider.


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No Mascots Allowed
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Bring Back Beadle
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And B1G Heads of The Fab Five, Michael Phelps, Tom Brady, Desmond’s Heisman Pose, Denard’s Heisman Pose, Tom Harmon, Charles Woodson, Gerald Ford and James Earl Jones 


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but it seems like some people hit the "troll" button the same way they used to hit the "neg" button in the old days.

I read all the comments; it's too easy for good ones to get hidden by someone's hurt feelings.


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I think someone in my group had a sign on a hockey stick a few years back and was made to remove the hockey stick. It seemed like the regulation was you can't have anything holding your sign up. Hope I'm remembering right.

1 Man Wolf Pack

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I don't know if that guy can get out a sentence during the game that doesn't include 3 or 4 F-bombs.

The ND "holier-than-thou" crowd has to love this guy being the face of their university on Saturdays.


September 6th, 2011 at 10:19 AM ^

Your Crist is Inferior to My Christ.


The suspense of whether or not the guards will let a sign pass isn't really worth the trouble, though. I'd rather just hang out there and enjoy the show.


September 6th, 2011 at 12:29 PM ^

that hasn't been raised is the idea of coming up with one collective idea and having 50 people bring that idea/sign to the game.  i.e. something like Brian Kelly's head on a stick with his eyes bulging out and a dunce cap, etc... but have 50 of them


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What time is eveyrbody planning on getting there in order to watch the Gameday taping? I know it broadcasts at 9 on ESPNU so a few hours early probably? Thoughts?


September 14th, 2011 at 2:51 PM ^

Seeing as you all had the crew last week, i was wondering if you think this sign will be ok to take in for gameday or will it be rejected. Thanks for you opinions.


PS - Hell of a win last week and great game to watch.