ESPN College Gameday Location

Submitted by UMDrumline on August 21st, 2011 at 9:02 AM

As posted before the location of ESPN College Gameday has varied each time they come to Ann Arbor.  After the opening of parking lots was announced to be noon for the Notre Dame game I called to complain that there is less time to park than a 330p game.  After seeing that LSU, Alabama, Virginia Tech, etc all allow parking starting at times early in the morning (from 4-7a) I realized that the atmosphere for Gameday would be awful if it was around the stadium if Gameday was located there.  I got a call back from one of the people at Athletic Parking he mentioned that it is extremely likely (over 95%) that Gameday will be on campus in the Diag.

I still wish the lots would open earlier; however, having Gameday in the Diag should make the crowds there a lot better than in one of the other previous locations.



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This is the best setup. Close to the diag for scenic shots, and the buildings behind are a nice backdrop. Also its near the dorms so students can show up in numbers. Nowhere near the stadium works better.


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I hope they know enough to not setup in a way that that would cause students to have to step on the block M just to get on camera.


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Go downtown and look for the buildings that look like classrooms (and offices, ect.) and you're there. Basically you're looking for what would be a quad at other schools. If you park closer to the stadium and end up walking through the part by the law school/Ross/Ford School (ed: if you see a building that looks like Oxford, that's the law school) you just have to keep walking.

I doubt you'll have any trouble if you just use common sense after getting into the area. Follow the crowd and you'll be fine.


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The Diag is someplace you can never go back to, but knowing it still existence is as pleasing as the memories of your youth it invocate. Though I can’t pinpoint where it is exactly, from interstate 94 take the State Street exit, head north you’ll know it when you see it, it will be on your right hand side.

From Interstate 94

Take the State Street Exit

Head North

Diag Will Be On Right Hand Side

If come to the end of State Street you just missed it, turn around. This time instead of just watching the coeds watch where the coeds are heading, should be south east (now on your left hand side) say alert it’s coming up a lot faster this time.

One Inch Woody…

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The Diag is in the central part of campus, surrounded by East University, South University, North University, State St., and Geddes. You can get to it by, depending on your entry into Ann Arbor, exiting from 23, 14, or 94. If you're coming in from 94 onto washtenaw ave., just literally go straight (watch out for a little tricky right turn at first) and eventually you'll see the sign for campus. If you're coming in from 14 (23), after exiting onto main street keep going til you hit Liberty St. and turn left and then turn right onto state steet. If you're coming in from 23 onto plymouth road or barton drive, turn right onto plymouth and go all the way until main street, turn left, then keep going and turn left onto liberty, and then right onto state street.

Have fun in Ann Arbor


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It's looking like the diag will be occupied by some other University related stuff on September 10th, so GameDay probably won't be held there.