ESPN CFB Top 25: Michigan #10

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Take home points:

1. Rest of B1G:
No. 12: Michigan State
No. 16: Wisconsin
No. 17: Nebraska
No. 20: Ohio State

2. Breakdown from Rittenberg & Bennett who both voted MSU #9, M #10.

3. Rittenberg put Ohio at #13 (!!!!!!)

4. Alabama #3

5. Notre Dame #24

6. Scroll down for silly Spartan fan logic.




May 1st, 2012 at 12:00 PM ^

I think Ohio State at 13 is a bit high. the 17-19 range feels right to start the season. We have the athletes, the talent, and the coach, but we need to see how long it takes to gel. This season will mostly be a season for refining the new offensive system and building the team for 2013.

Michigan State will have a shot to win every game this year because of that defense. It will be nearly impossible to stop both Rush and Gholston. Both need to be doubled and can still make plays even then. And you can't rule out how good of a defensive coach Dantonio is.

Also, I saw that a poster above had commented on Michigan being amped up for the Sparty game because of Dantonio's comments. I would argue that the Sparty players would be just as fired up, if not more so. They've owned Michigan on the field the last few years and yet Michigan is getting all of the hype after one good season. They will want to prove a point. I expect it to be a physical, intense game.