ESPN - CFB Final Four and early top 25 weaknesses

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Didn't see either of these posted.

ESPN put out a couple College Football stories this morning involving Michigan. Only posting this because there's nothing else going on right now amiright?

First is weaknesses for every way-too-early top 25. Michigan's bit:…

14. Michigan

Experience, plain and simple. The Wolverines sent 14 players to the NFL combine and have only five returning starters. Only one is back on defense. Luckily, there's plenty of young talent and a great coaching staff, and Ohio State made the playoff last year with a similar lack of seasoning. But the lack of proven veterans will be a concern until proven otherwise. -- Bennett


They also did a hypothetical 64 team tournament for football, with Michigan hypothetically losing to eventual hypothetical champion Alabama. There is more about how they hypothetically got to that hypothetical position.…

Final Four

(1) Florida State 30, (3) USC 27: There has never been any doubt about Deondre Francois' toughness. In the opener of the two historic Final Four football games, the redshirt sophomore takes his biggest step yet as a quarterback -- and on his biggest stage -- by throwing two fourth-quarter touchdown passes to rally the unbeaten Seminoles to the national championship game.

(1) Alabama 21, (5) Michigan 16: Who didn't want to see this matchup? Nick Saban vs. Jim Harbaugh. While the two coaching giants don't come to blows over satellite camps during their pregame chat, their two teams trade blows on the field in a punishing struggle that comes down to the Crimson Tide holding the Wolverines on fourth-and-1 just inside the Alabama 20-yard line. Harbaugh is furious afterward about what he says was the kind of "SEC-tilted spot that Paul Finebaum would have made."



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I know this is all for fun and page views, but it is heartening to see Michigan now assumed to be a top tier program every even with massive turnover. that's the sign of an elite program, and that hasn't been said for a long time.


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I want to ride the "we'll regress due to inexperience" train, but I can't help but feel like the official start of Harbaugh's recruits is going to be something special.  Maybe it's optimism (although I've never been accused of that before) but I can't help but think that these young guys are about to take off.


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Of all the problems that a football team could have, inexperience is one of the best ones. Still a problem, and worse in football than basketball, imo, but I can think of many, many worse problems to have.


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THe only real compelling reason to have a 64-team tournament for NCAA football is that football season could last - oh - another month or so if you played once in your bracket per weekend or whatever. Of course, woe is the group of 16 that gets the Midwest bracket in January, and pray it does not open in cities in or near the Great Lakes, especially the draws from the South. 


MtP Michigan Man

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Spring Football started!  Can't wait.  Going to be fun to see all the young receivers, and who will lead the way at running back.

Could do without the "Bench Speight, Brandon Peters is the next savior" BS posts - but it is a small price to pay for the excitement of the spring season upon us.  Winning days are ahead.

Go Blue!!!


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Not to shit on your parade, but i already demonstrated in another thread how hyserically off last year's preseason (and especially pre-spring) predictions were to the final product - less than 60% accuracy on teams in final top 20 playoff ranking and even a few non bowl teams included.

We don't need ESPN which is laying off pundits left and right to tell us UM football is on the upswing again. But an actual season has to be played and thank god for that. To me this is just clickbait