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there is an SI Vault article about Crisler, that I can't link to directly but is alluded to here (http://mvictors.com/?p=661) that, as MVictors summarizes, believes the extra seat is reserved for Amos Alonzo Stagg, legendary UChicago coach of yore and Crisler's mentor.  Though, I believe that the official AD line nowadays is that the seat is for Crisler and that's what most/all fans think.  But as far as I can research, there has never been a definitive true, bullet-proof explanation of who the seat is for, just guesses and assumptions, one of which has hardened into quasi-fact over the years and been condoned by the AD.  But really, its within the realm of possibility the seat could be for Stagg, or Yost, or even somebody completely random; wife, a child, a favorite ex-player, "promised" to a recruit, or a recruit's family member...


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But I will just add that Adam and I went to NU's Medill School of Journalism at the same time, and I was accepted to Michigan four months before NU finally gave me an answer. My bigger point is that calling other people stupid and claiming they couldn't attend your school is always an assy move and reflects poorly on your fanbase. Adam dislikes Michigan because he's a huge NU fan, not because he holds some grudge over admissions.


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And you wouldn't be talking about it. I'm not saying they made a good list. It's idiotic to put five stadiums in the country above the Big House, let alone in the Big Ten. But you only do this kind of listicle nonsense to foment controversy. There is literally no other reason to do it. Your outrage encourages them to do it again. It's sucky, but it's the Internet. There's a reason the Freep has never fired Drew Sharp, unfortunately.


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he scrupulously pored over every detail of his plan before shoving said body through a woodchipper in a most orderly and regimented fashion.   It was only through years of disipline and mortification that he was able to perform such a deed while maintaining such a grim look of stern determination.   


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Posting this to the espn blog made Adam Rittenberg very happy.


For whatever reason, journalists that attended Northwestern (Wilbon, Rittenberg) seem to hate Michigan.  Anyone have an idea why?

Feat of Clay

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I have been told that some Northwestern fans judge U-M fans the most obnoxious in the conference.

I didn't hear reasons, but if I had to speculate I would guess it's partly because of the way we turn their stadium into a neutral site via our sheer numbers. Also because it's the one school in the Big Ten that can credibly claim to be "better" than Michigan (due to its selectivity)--and I think that gets under some U-M fans' skin and compromises their congeniality.


July 13th, 2012 at 4:02 PM ^

When I was applying to college the opinions I heard reflected more of a "grass is always greener" mentality. A lot of the people I talked to in Michigan thought Northwestern was a little better and the people in Chicago thought Michigan was a little better. I concluded that they were pretty much on the same level but Michigan is a lot bigger with more departments. I almost went to northwestern for the campus alone though.