ESPN 300 list for 2016

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The World Wide leader has graced us with their Junior 300 list  ..Michigan has 2 commits on the list so far. If anyone has a list of current targets that we are after and want to include in the discussion feel free


Erik Swenson is rated as the #20 OT


Messiah DeWeaver is rated as the # 11 PP QB



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I was almost more taken aback by the early commitment from one kid to East Carolina. That's another thing that you generally don't see everyday, or at least you don't see it on many national lists like this. I am not knocking the decision, of course, as these kids are simply following their dreams and going where they wish to go, but I just can't recall seeing too many commitments to mid-major schools made this early. It might happen more than I realize, of course, so I can't say too much, I imagine. 


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Georgia also pulls in top-notch talent from the surrounding states, namely Florida. There were 30 Rivals 5-stars/4-stars from Georgia in the class of 2014, so they can't keep all of them. They whiffed on many of them, but they also pulled in a 5-star from Florida (Sony Michel), three 4-stars from Florida, one from Kansas, one from South Carolina, and one from North Carolina.

Jack Daniels

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Swenson got so much hype when he was first uncovered as a prospect. 247 had him as one of their Top 5 to watch for 2016; he seemed like a lock for top 100 status across the board